"South Park" characters have been inflaming parents since its origins in the late 1990s. "South Park" is a popular cartoon that people watch mainly to see just how inflammatory it can get. Here's an overview of the characters that make "South Park" so provocotive and yet so funny. 

Eric Cartman

Cartman is chubby kid who claims that he is "not fat, just big boned." Cartman is very crass and is the one who is most often ostracized by the other characters after annoying them. Cartman is known for acting out his fantasies of becoming a nightstick-happy cop and even Adolph Hitler. Cartman's mom can never seem to control this unruly "South Park" character. One time, she even hired a dog trainer to help her keep him in line. 

Stan Marsh

Stan is one of the more funtional "South Park" characters. Stan usually provides the wisdom that solves the problems that occur in a given episode. Stan's older sister, Shelley, beats him up a lot. He often hangs out with his friends to keep a distance from his sister. 

Kyle Broflovski

This "South Park" character is very similar to Stan. He often plays the role of problem solver along with Stan. Kyle is the character who is friends with Mr. Hanky, a fun loving log of poop. Stan is a Jewish character. This makes things awkward when Cartman goes on his anti-semitic rants. 

Kenny McCormick

Kenny is the tiny "South Park" character who is always bundled up in clothing. He is so bundled that you can never tell what he is saying when he talks. Kenny is famous for dying in every episode, at least in the first few seasons.


"Jesus and Pals" is a cable access show that airs in the town on South Park. It turns out that this minor "South Park" character is not just an actor, but the Messiah himself. His debut as a "South Park" character began with a fight with Santa Clause over who the Christmas holiday belonged to. Jesus is known to take caller questions about Biblical issues and to occasionally save the world with the help of his friends.