If you're looking to get into a new anime, you need to find out about these "Soul Eater" characters. "Soul Eater" revolves around a group of characters who can use the wavelengths of their souls to perform fantastic attacks in the heat of battle. Each one of these "Soul Eater" characters has their own unique attacks and contributes to the plot in their own specific way. Be wary, because the following listing of "Soul Eater" characters may contain some minute spoilers.

  1. Soul Eater Evans. The main male protagonist of the show, Evans is a Death Scythe, meaning he transforms into a scythe in the midst of battle. He is known for his nonchalant attitude at first, always trying to be what he believes to be a "cool guy." However, he eventually matures into a loyal friend who can sometimes be slightly bitter towards his team mates. His Meister is Maka, and the two of them have a sort of love/hate relationship going on throughout the series.

  2. Maka. She's one of the most famous "Soul Eater" characters, as she is the female protagonist of the show. She sets high expectations of herself as Evans' Meister, and as such can be quite hard on herself. However, to everyone, she's extremely bright and cheerful which serves as a direct contrast to her Scythe's brooding nature. However, she tends to get down on herself when someone mentions her abilities not being up to snuff, which makes her one of the more relatable "Soul Eater" characters.

  3. Death The Kid. The son of Shinigami, he's the Meister of Patti and Liz. He's extremely obsessive-compulsive, crippling him to the point where he will try to correct any and all asymmetry in his life. If he's not thinking about symmetry, however, he can be extremely level-headed, even if the heat of battle. When he transforms, he becomes a pair of pistols wielded by the sisters who are his partners.

  4. Shinigami. Yes, the actual God of Death is one of the best "Soul Eater" characters in the show. The father of Death The Kid, he's always shown as having a cheerful demeanor. Contrary to his occupation, he's also quite optimistic and prefers to lift peoples' spirits rather than crush them. He spends more time trying to be a good mentor and great father, and tries not to scare the children around him, despite the great abilities they all have.

These are just a few of the many "Soul Eater" characters you'd find in the show and the manga. If you feel that these "Soul Eater" characters suit your taste, be sure to check out the show!

-Gautam Jayanthi