The “Rugrats” is a Nickelodeon television show that aired in the 90s centered around the adventures of a group of babies. The stories are told from their perspective. This cartoon has brought many laughs from the lovable characters to memorable stories. Here are some of the best episodes of the “Rugrats”.

  1. “Mother’s Day,” season four, episode two. This was a big moment in “Rugrats” where viewers finally got to see Chuckie’s mom. Mother’s day is approaching which causes Chuckie to question who his mother was.

  2. “Rugrats Passover,” season three, episode 26. A “Rugrats” special about Passover. The babies get locked in the attic with Grandpa Boris during Passover. He retells the historical story about Passover to them.

  3.  “Rugrats Chanukah,” season four, episode one. This is another “Rugrats” holiday special. The babies and their families try celebrate Chanukah with much effort. They lear the spirit of Chanukah while trying to put aside their own selfish wants.

  4. “A Rugrats Vacation,” season five, episode six. A mini special about the Pickles and Devilles going on a road trip in an RV to Las Vegas. What starts as an exciting fun adventure may turn out to be a disaster.

  5. “All Growed Up,” season seven, episode sixteen. The babies play in the closet and time up to ten years in the future. They are grown up and in middle and high school. This episode caused the spin off series “All Grown Up” which follows the lives of teenaged “Rugrats” characters.

  6. “Reptar on Ice/ Family Feud” season two, episode ten. Reptar comes to town and the “Rugrats” are excited! The babies get to experience “Reptar on Ice” allowing them to see their idol in person. But all doesn’t go as planned. In the second half, a fight breaks out between the Pickles and the DeVilles.

  7. “Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch/ Mirrorland,” season two, episode four. Tommy and Chuckie play through a western fantasy on the playground to stop the “Junk Food Kid” from tormenting other kids. In the second half the babies accidentally fall over an antique mirror thinking the landed in an alternate universe.

  8.  “The Family Tree,” season five, episode thirteen. Tommy and Angelica are left in the care of Charles while their parents go on vacation. Chuckie starts to learn more about himself and his family. Meanwhile Didi discovers she’s pregnant! This episode is the prequel to “The Rugrats Movie."

  9. “Regarding Stuie/ Garage Sale,” season two, episode six. The “Rugrats” add a new member to their group when Stu gets amnesia, causing him to think he is a baby; temporarily enabling him to interact with the babies. In the second half, the Pickles are having a yard sale and everything must go!

  10.  “Baby Commercial/ Little Dude,” season one, episode four.  In the first segment of “Rugrats” Phil and Lil are to star in a diaper commercial. But all doesn’t go as planned when they go off script. In the segment half Tommy goes to school with Didi. He is left in the care with some of her students and ends up missing.

  11.  “Meet the Carmichaels The Box,” season 2, episode eighteen. A new family has moved to the neighborhood, The Carmichael’s. While moving in Susie and Tommy go on an adventure to help her find her room. In the second half of the “Rugrats” the babies prove that imagination trumps everything when they each take turns playing in an imaginary box.