Get some of the highlights of one of the hottest animes around with this list of “Bleach” episodes. With 317 episodes and counting in the series, there is no way that this list of “Bleach” episodes can cover everything there is to know about “Bleach.” But this list of “Bleach” episodes can be used as a guideline to some of the best moments in “Bleach.”

Episode 13: Fever and Hollow. No show about the supernatural would be complete without throwing some zombies into the mix, and this list of “Bleach” episodes is no different. In this episode, the Hollows release seeds that turn humans into zombies. Orihime and Tatsuki get caught among the zombie horde and then experience new powers in Tatsuki.

Episode 54: An Accomplished Oath: Get Back Rukia. This entry on the list of “Bleach” episode plays a pivotal role in the “Bleach” saga. Ichigo and his crew have finally succeeded in saving Rukia from the death penality, but their victory is short lived when it is reveled that everything that Ichigo and company have gone through were part of a fiendish plot to to over throw Soul Society.

Episode 64: New School Term, Renji Has Come to the Material World. This “Bleach” episode marks a turning point in the series and gives Ichigo and company a whole new group of villians to go up against. After saving Rukia from the death penality in Soul Society, Ichigo loses his Soul Reaper powers and tries to get back to life as a normal kid, things are going well until a more dangerous breed of Hollows come to town.

Episode 69: Bounts! The Soul Hunters. In this “Bleach” episode, Ichigo gets his first look at the new baddies on the block; the Bounts. A race of beings that gain eternal life by feasting on the souls of humans. With his powers once again in tact, Ichigo gathers his crew to save humanity and Soul Society from this new menace.

Episode 91: Shinigami and Quincy, the Reviving Power. At long last the Bounts reveil their evil plot to destory Soul Society and humaity in this “Bleach” episode. In efforts to stop the Bounts, Ichigo goes head-to-head with a powerful Bount. He runs the risk of having his ow weapon turned against him.

Episode 96: Ichigo·Byakuya·Kariya, The Battle of the Three Extremes. Things are getting a bit hectic in this “Bleach” episode, with Ichigo stuck in a stalemate in his battle between the Bounts and Soul Reapers gone awry. In the midst of the battle, the leader of the Bounts appears to explain the origin of the Bounts and why they are hell bent on destorying mankind and taking over Soul Society.