Lessons, magic and animation combine and give children these "Magic School Bus" episodes to enjoy. A cartoon that stresses education while maintaining the entertainment necessary to hold kids' attention is special. Show this off to the little ones in your life or check on yourself to see if you are still practicing the lessons you learned with these picks:

"Cold Feet". The exploration of reptiles makes this a "Magic School Bus" episode that caters to the wonder of animals. A spa dedicated to relaxing reptiles is one of those ideas that have so much imaginative power behind it that it holds the attention of young and old. Teaching about what it means to be cold blooded is a great educational moment where the strangeness of other life is celebrated.

"Blows its Top". Volcanoes take the main stage and the kids learn all about how islands are created. The idea of something being destructive and creative is worthy of the "Magic School Bus" top ten. Education centering on how the earth changes whether people are paying attention or not is something to jumpstart further discussion for parents and kids once the show ends.

"Under Construction". Very few things can cover so much ground between the general and the specific as the idea of building something. A great look at problem solving through breaking the problem into smaller steps creates a "Magic School Bus" episode that shouldn't be ignored. Healthy doses of logic and fun fill this show to the top.

"Going Batty". Teaching about both bats and vampires makes this a spooky "Magic School Bus" episode that debunks the supernatural while teaching tolerance for things that an individual finds frightening. Conquering a fear of teachers helps children learn about making mistakes about the actions of adults. A very gentle introduction to bats as mammals and not monsters adds a special touch to this show.

"Makes a Rainbow". Colors and light take the driver's seat here as the class delves into rainbows. The addition of various colors to make other colors is a simple but fascinating concept that kids can take into the world and look for everywhere. A lesson from "Magic School Bus" that primes the observational skills of its audience.

"In a Pickle". Food and the changes that can occur within food are served up here. A nice little introduction to food chemistry makes for a great lesson filled "Magic School Bus" episode. Investigative skills are promoted as a way to enhance learning and is so well done that the laughs and learning are about equal.

"Meets the Rot Squad". Instructing children to not worry about mistakes is some serious life advice. A life that's lived with only perfection in mind can hobble a person. Recycling and rotting brings an environmental theme that indulges children in civics and an understanding of the processes in life that renew through decomposition.

"All Dried Up". The desert environment teaches the class about life in an area outside their normal area. Assumptions are retooled to help children learn the importance of observation and interaction. The illustration of the defense mechanisms of desert animals makes for an attention-grabbing subject.

"Meets Molly Cule". A focus on molecules as pertains to cleaning helps the class understand how things interact, particularly soap, water and dirt. A great way of illustrating the hidden processes in an everyday task. Stressing the importance of science within normal daily activities allows kids to start learning from the ground up.

"The Haunted House". Sounds take center stage in this spooky episode. Giving the class an education on the creation of sound while setting it in a spooky house helps craft the perfect foundation for dispelling fear with understanding. A "Magic School Bus" episode that takes creative learning to a higher level.

-Matthew Lagenfeld