These are some  “Hey Arnold” episodes that are memorable to 90s Nickelodeon watchers. From watching Arnold’s wacky adventures with friends, to wanting Arnold’s swanky bedroom. “Hey Arnold” remains a favorite amongst Nickelodeon fans for its weird characters, unique storylines and simply being enjoyable for all ages. Here are some of the best “Hey Arnold” episodes.

  1. “Parents Day” - The mother of all “Hey Arnold” episodes, viewers finally get to see what Arnold’s parents look like. When a sporting event takes place at school, Arnold is provoked into asking what happened to his parents.

  2. Arnold’s Christmas” - The boarders are doing a secret Santa for Christmas. Arnold ends up Mr. Hyunh and seeks out a gift. He soon learns that Mr. Hyunh hasn’t seen his daughter since the Vietnam War and tries to track her down. Helga ends up trading her Christmas gift in exchange for information to help Arnold.

  3. EugeneGoes Bad/ What’s Opera Arnold?” - Eugene becomes a rebel after being disappointed by his idol. In the second half, the Hey Arnold episode becomes a musical when the gang goes on a school trip to see “Carmen”. Helga falls asleep and fantasies everyone is apart of the show.

  4. Arnold’s Hat/ Stoop Kid” - First segment of “Hey Arnold” episodes, Arnold feels empty after Helga steals his hat in order to complete her shrine. When her mother discovers her bubble gum shrine, she tosses it out, sending Helga on an adventure to retrieve Arnold’s hat. In the second half, Arnold’s football accidentally ends up on Stoop Kid’s stoop. In order to get his ball back he tries to convince him to leave his stoop.

  5. “Helga’s Makeover/ The OldBuilding - Rhonda is throwing a slumber party and doesn’t invite Helga due to her being a tomboy. Helga decides to turn herself into a lady in order to attend the party. In the second half, Grandma and Ernie have a disagreement over an old building being demolished, leaving Arnold in the middle.

  6. “Heat/Snow” - Arnold and Gerald go on a search for relief from the heat after a heat wave strikes town. To make matters worse the air condition is broken in the boarding house. In the second half, a snowstorm strikes closing school and businesses for a snow day. Arnold is forced to learn work values while his friend’s enjoy the day off.

  7.  “Little Pink Book/ Field Trip” - First segment of “Hey Arnold” episodes, Helga sneaks into the boarding house and hides in Arnold’s room in an attempt to get her diary back after it accidentally ended up with Arnold. In the second Arnold visits an aquarium during a school trip and goes on a mission to set free an old Tortoise named Lockjaw.

  8. “6th Grade Girls/ The Baseball” - “Hey Arnold” fans will remember, “Hey Maria, come over here!” Arnold and Gerald try to pass as 6th graders in order to attend a school dance. In the second half, Arnold attends the final game of his favorite baseball player.

  9. “Runaway Float/ Partners” - Arnold creates a float to be displayed in the neighborhood parade. In the second half of “Hey Arnold” episode, Dino Spamoni moves into the boarding house after retiring from lounge singing. Things heat up when his best friend/songwriter also moves in, causing their feud to affect everyone.

  10. “Weird Cousin/ Baby Oskar” - Arnold’s pasty country cousin Arnie visits in this “Hey Arnold” episode. Things heat up between the cousins when Arnie gets a crush on Lila. In the second half, Oskar if forced to babysit for his wives cousin and learns what real responsibility is.