If you remember Nickelodeon from the old days, then you may be able to guess who is the best "Hey Arnold!" characters. This cartoon that began in the early 90s is centered on an ordinary kid whose head is shaped like a football. 

  1. Arnold. A nine year old boy, who is the main character, that leaves with his grandparents who run a boarding house. Arnold is always ready to help someone out or do something to benefit his neighborhood. He is worthy of being the best of "Hey Arnold!" characters because he listens to jazz and can keep that small cap on his large head.

  2. Helga Pataki. Helga is the unibrowed girl that has a crush on Arnold.  She is one of the best "Hey Arnold!" characters because she hides her affection for Arnold by taunting him with the name "football head." Although Helga wears a pink dress and bow, she is very brash and the opposite of girly.

  3. Gerald Johanssen. Gerald Johanssen is the kid with tall hair that is the best friend of Arnold.  He deserves to be on the best "Hey Arnold!" characters list because he knows the stories behind the neighborhood’s urban legends. Gerald Johanssen helps Arnold by occasionally giving him advice.

  4. Grandma Gertie. Grandma Gertie is the grandmother of Arnold and wife to Grandpa Phil. She has a black belt and kicks butt that makes her one of the best "Hey Arnold!" characters. Grandma Gertie acts half her age, which gives her the illusion of being crazy.

  5. Grandpa Phil. Grandpa Phil is the grandfather of Arnold and husband to Grandma Gertie. Together Phil and his wife run a boarding house. He has many adversaries and likes to tell exaggerated stories of his past. Grandpa Phil plays the drums and a great grandfather, which makes him one of the best "Hey Arnold!" characters.