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Monday, September 19 by Jessica Fletcher

Boondocks Episodes Boondocks Episodes Granddad's Fight

Season 1, Episode 4, "Granddad's Fight": When Robert loses a fight with an old man, he is subsequently egged and plagued by negative media attention. After going through intense training for a rematch, he learns a valuable lesson about people and luck. This is truly a great "Boondocks" episode you won't regret seeing. The episode is also a great reflection of racial issue as Granddad feels a sense of pride and honor as a black person to win a fight. The episode concludes with a serious tone after Granddad kills the older man.

Boondocks Episodes Return of the King

Season 1, Episode 9, "Return of the King": This is a truly momentous episode where Martin Luther King, Jr. wakes from a tri-decade long coma. This episode is infiltrated with political commentary as it shows King being disdained for his pro-peace stance in a post-9/11 America. In this episode Huey helps Dr. King take a role as a leader again. It's a truly unique "Boondocks" episode that everyone should see at some point. It is an insightful critique of modern American politics, shows that the fear of terrorism has warped America into a nation that would reject the strong leadership of Dr. King. The irony of the episode is even more elevated when militant Huey takes the role of guiding Dr. King.

Boondocks Episodes Black President

Season 3, Episode 1, "It's a Black President, Huey Freeman": This is an amazing episode providing unique criticism of Obama and his platform. The episode puts a new perspective and insight as explored by the Freeman characters. Many of the characters from "Boondocks" give their perspective and humerous insight. The episode is a reflection of the misinformed, yet politically passionate Americans. Each character shows they don't understand Obama's issues or simply are using the Obama candidate to hype their own personal images. It's definitely a great "Boondocks" episode that allows us to look at history differently.

Boondocks Episodes Hunger Strike

Season 2, Episode 14, "The Hunger Strike": This is one of the most controversial "Boondocks" episodes that was banned from showing on the air. The episode starts with Granddad taking a break from the boys and going on vacation. This leads Huey in command of the house, leading to massive controversy. In this episode Huey boycotts BET and goes on a hunger strike in opposition to the network. BET is shown having an executive meeting discussing their destruction of the black population. While controversial, this episode has interesting points of view and is certainly worth watching. However, this episode has yet to air in the United States.

-Jessica Fletcher

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