With a tight story line, fun animation and brilliant fight scenes these “Full Metal Alchemist” episodes are just the tip of the awesome iceberg for this show. In a last ditch effort to bring the mother back from the dead, the Elrich brothers—Ed and Alphonse–break alchemy’s greatest taboo and use human transmutation. Their attempts to bring their mother back fails costing Ed an arm and a leg and forces Al’s soul into a suit of armor. Now the boys are on the hunt for the Philosophers Stone, the only thing that can put their bodies back the way were.

  1. “The First Day” If you’ve ever wondered what drove the Elric brothers break alchemy’s biggest taboo—human transmutation—you need to watch this “Full Metal Alchemist” episode. It tells you everything you need to know about the events that lead the Elric brothers to experiment with alchemy and why they were so desperate to use the forbidden art of transmutation.

  2. “Doorway of Darkness” It seems like all is lost in this "Full Metal Alchemist" episode. Ed, Ling and Al are getting their asses handed to them by the horrible beast that lives inside of the filthy gut of Gluttony and the rest of the Homunculi. But like any good heroes Ed, Al and Ling get it together and are able to hand the Homunculi a defeat by pooling their powers together. But now that they know how powerful the Homunculi are they will have their work cut out for them if they are going to get to the Philosophers Stone before the band of demons.

  3. “Reunion” This “Full Metal Alchemist” episode leaves more questions than it does answers. At long last Ed and Al have found the key to creating the Philosophers Stone and getting their bodies back. But getting their bodies back will force the boys to break alchemy’s greatest taboo once again and take a life in the process. Seeing the boys face the prospect of having to take a human life get their bodies back at last makes this “Full Metal Alchemist” episode heart wrenching.

  4. “Those Who Lurk Underground” In this “Full Metal Alchemist” episode alliances change and nothing is quite what it seems. In a battle to destroy the Ultimate Shield the King Bradly—the commander of the state alchemists—proves that he is more than a match for the Homuncli known as Greed. After the battle is over it’s reveled that the King Bradly is in fact a Homuncli and has orchestrated an untold number of bloody conflicts in efforts to find the Philosophers Stone. But now that the Ultimate Shield has been destroyed the King Bradly may run up against a presence that is more powerful than he is. It’s the double crosses and the epic battle between the King Bradly and Greed that makes this “Full Metal Alchemist” episode awesome.

  5. “Beast of Dublith” While the Homuncli have proven to be formidable opponents throughout the series, this “Full Metal Alchemist” episode goes to the heart of how deadly they really are. Al is kidnapped by a Homuncli named Greed. A powerful beast that seems to be indestructible. Ed’s attempts to rescue his little brother seem to seem futile until he alchemy teacher Izumi steps in to help Ed defeat an enemy that seems to have no weaknesses.

-Sameerah Blue