These classic "Dragon Ball Z" characters are beloved by anime buffs. With an intriguing storyline and exciting hyper-fighting, martial arts action, the "Dragon Ball Z" series has entertained countless fans. These "Dragon Ball Z" characters are exceptional fighters each having a unique and powerful attack.


Goku. The main character of the famed anime series, Goku leads the cast of "Dragon Ball Z" characters. Originally from the planet Vegeta, he was sent to Earth to ravage the planet. Luckily for everyone, he met an accident as a young child and forgot all about his mission to destroy the world. Since then, he grew up to be a powerful warrior who became Earth's first line of defense against would-be conquerors. Aside from being both fast and strong, he is capable of unleashing a powerful wave of energy called the “Kamehameha”. For extra-tough opponents, he can absorb the planet's life essence to form the fearsome “Spirit Bomb” which he then hurls at his adversaries.


Piccolo. Second on this list of "Dragon Ball Z" characters is the green-skinned, pointy eared alien known as Piccolo. He was initially a villain who had previously battled the heroic Goku in his attempt to take over the world. As the series progressed, he began to manifest his good side and ultimately allied himself with Goku and his friends. He even gave up his life defending the populace and had to be resurrected using the magical Dragon Balls. Aside from his ability to regenerate lost limbs, he also wields the "Special Beam Cannon", a beam that drills through its target.


Vegeta. Another villain-turned-hero, the crafty Vegeta is truly a "Dragon Ball Z" powerhouse. Hailing from the same planet Goku originally came from, Vegeta was royalty. He is also a merciless fighter who tried to take over the world and steal the nigh-omnipotent, wish-fulfilling Dragon Balls. After getting crushed by Goku in their duel, he began to associate himself with Earth's defenders. Like all of the "Dragon Ball Z" characters, he is an excellent hand-to-hand fighter who can fire power beams from his hands. For a little more bite, the “Big Bang Attack” another technique in Vegeta uses from time to time. 

Krillin. The diminutive Krillin is Goku's best friend. The two grew up and trained together. Admittedly, the bald headed fighter is a relative weakling when matched up against the big guns of the Dragon Ball Z universe. Still, Krillin may just be the strongest Earthling and always provides good tactical support in melees. As one of the weaker "Dragon Ball Z" characters, he often relies in his bag of tricks to help him survive his battles against terrifying enemies. One of his most powerful attacks is the “Destructo Disc”. It is a devastating technique where Krillin is able to form a razor-sharp disc of pure energy that can cut through nearly everything.


Cell. The nefarious Cell is one of the deadliest "Dragon Ball Z" characters. What makes him so deadly is that he is able to replicate the moves and techniques of Earth's mightiest heroes. Because he is embedded with the cells of these individuals, he also shares some of their traits and personalities. Cell can also assimilate other beings by sucking them in through his massive tail. Even after absorbing violent attacks and assaults, this powerful evildoer has the ability to regenerate himself.

-Russell Deza