Find out about your child's favorite Nick Jr Shows. Nick Jr changes most of its line up every few years, but some of the shows have remained. Nick Jr is good about keeping shows that have a gentle learning theme to them while teaching a little culture at the same time. Some of the children shows have been around for a few years and continue to be made, while others are favorites that you can still watch on cable tv. You could find yourself singing along enjoying some of the music from at least one of these shows.

Dora the Explorer. This sweet little cartoon character has been around for a few years. She continues to take toddlers and preschoolers on little adventures with Boots while teaching a little Spanish at the same time. Nick Jr has a little singing and dancing in the show, helping to make it a fun tv show.

Fresh Beat Band. A group of twenty-something friends sing together in a band. For the show, they are playing teenagers in high school. They do a lot of singing and dancing on each show. In every show they have a problem to solve and use music and dance to solve the problem in a very entertaining way.

Go, Diego, Go. This Nick Jr show is a lot like Dora the Explorer and has been around for a few years. It is kind of like Dora for boys. Diego has a problem to solve, and Click the Camera is one of the regular characters to help him do that. This cartoon also has music and dance pieces to accompanying different parts of the show; just like Dora.

Max and Ruby. Each episode shows you the interaction between bunny siblings Ruby and Max. In each episode, Max and Ruby engage somewhat willingly in an activity together. Ruby is on the bossy side, but Max tends to stand his ground and they get along in the end even though he is very limited on words.