If you enjoy cartoon comedy shows, then should know ho Family Guy compares to American Dad and who wins in Family Guy vs. American Dad. Both these shows are incredibly funny, but both have aspects about them that make them slightly different from each other.

The Storyline. Family Guy and “American Dad” are both centered around two “normal” American families and their not so normal misadventures.  “Family Guy” usually has a central plot in each episode that involves each character in some way; but along the way, the show cuts to flashbacks gags that are usually not related to the current situation but more to what was brought up in dialog between two characters. “American Dad” forgoes the flashback jokes for situational comedy. “American Dad” usually satires something politically related, while “Family Guy” satires both political and pop culture events for comedy.

The Families. Both shows have an interesting and entertaining family. The main family in “Family Guy” consists of Peter, Louise, Meg, Stewie, Bryan, and Chris. Throughout the show, Peter, the father, and Chris, the son, are portrayed as being incredibly dimwitted while Meg, the daughter, Louise, the mother, Bryan, the dog, and Stewie, the baby, are all shown as being either borderline geniuses or at least have some bit of common sense. “American Dad’s” family includes Stan, Francine, Hayley, Steve, Klaus, and Roger. Stan is a staunch republican working for the C.I.A. Francine is Stan’s ditzy wife who fits the stereotype of the dumb blonde. Steve is the son of Stan and Francine; he is known for being a nerdy student in High School with not many friends. Hayley is the college student of Stan and Francine who is the exact political opposite of her father in that she is a liberal rebelling against her father. Roger is an alien who Stan stole to make his boss angry, and Klaus is a talking goldfish; quite the gang!

“Family Guy” or “American Dad”. To sum it up, “Family Guy” is more for the person who enjoys watching mind numbing, moronic type jokes while “American Dad” is more for the person who enjoys those same moronic jokes, but more that satire the political nature of America.

-Nick Blair