The intricacies and foibles of the Star Wars saga get pointed out with loving abandon in this collection of "Family Guy" Star Wars quotes. The flaws of the first trilogy get poked at as well as celebrated by the minds behind "Family Guy". Cherish your childhood memories while laughing enough to forget to breathe with these lines:

"Well, when you say it that way, I sound like a douche." Peter Griffin rocks as Han Solo and makes an astute observation on Han getting paid and then leaving town. The roguish smuggler is easily one of the coolest characters in the Star Wars universe but there are a few decisions that "Family Guy" takes a hard look to point at and laugh. A giant gut, care of Peter, really helps pull off the vest and his attitude does the rest to do a convincing parody of Han Solo.

"Hey, maybe when we get out of here, you can show us around your home planet of Alderaan. Ohhh, too soon?" If this doesn't crack you up, then it's back to reading "Family Circle" for you. Han takes the hardest crack at Princess Leia imaginable. Something you'd think of a underworld criminal would've had ready during the original films but never found the right time to throw out. A perfect blend of "Family Guy" and Star Wars where an entire planet blown to pieces provides comedy gold.

"You can't use that word! Only we can use that word!" Nerfherder gets an ethnic slur connotation as Han teaches Leia a thing or two about calling people nerfherders. The surprise is so laugh out loud funny that you'll find yourself chuckling for the rest of the day. Only "Family Guy" could discover hidden offenses in the Star Wars universe. Peter Griffin's possessive tone makes this line a "Family Guy" classic among all their Star Wars parodies.

"And if you shoot a laser into this hole, the station blows up." When building a colossal man-made planet size weapon of destruction, it's good to point out the structural flaws. Everyone who saw the original Star Wars movies saw the easy flaw but had to suspend disbelief as good fans. Now that our minds have had time to process it's time to make fun of such an obvious error in something that took thousands of people to build yet no one opened their mouth about this fatal mistake.

"Yeah! That's how we do it in my neighborhood, bitch!" Rolling down the window of your spaceship and firing Wild West style is something only the minds behind "Family Guy" could've thought of. Sure firing the big cannons might be fun, but why not get into the thick of it and go hardcore, guns blazing in an all out back to the wall fight. Plus adding a little cursing improves most space battles now that most fans are grown up and can handle it. The fact that it's R2D2 doing the shooting and the swearing gives extra life to this normally beeping wallflower of a robot.