Any fan of "Family Guy" will have a list of favorite "Family Guy" episodes. After being cancelled twice, "Family Guy" was resurrected by its fans, and since found a permanent home on Fox’s Sunday cartoon lineup. By pushing the boundaries of comedy on a prime time television show, it has become an enduring staple in the television landscape, and will more than likely be played in syndication for the rest of time. There are so many really funny "Family Guy" episodes, that it is difficult to make a top five list, however after digging deep, the list is below.


One of the things that "Family Guy" has always done very well is to parody movies from the 80’s. When Peter finds an Indian Skull, and does several unsavory things to it, the spirits becom restless, and begin to haunt the Griffin’s house. With a very accurate, yet funny interpretation of the classic movie, this "Family Guy" episode has to be on a true fans list.

“Saving Private Brian."

In this episode, Brian becomes upset when the Army tries to recruit Chris in school, and decides to go give them a piece of his mind, instead of taking Stewie to playgroup. Stewie get’s revenge by signing them both up for the Army, and soon they’re off to the war in Iraq. The ways in which they try to get out of the Army are hilarious, and this is one of the reasons why this is one of the best episodes of "Family Guy."


When Brian gets busted for a small amount of weed, and is forced to submit to drug tests, he decides to get marijuana legalized. With a lavish musical number, he convinces everyone in Quahog that they should. The best part of the episode is how everyone acts when it does become legalized.

“Da Boom."

When Y2K actually happens, and the Griffins entire food supply is eaten by Peter in one sitting, the family decides to go in search of a mystical Twinkie factory. When they finally discover the factory, they begin rebuilding society around it. Stewie, exposed to radioactive waste, slowly turns into a half human and half squid. Soon he lays thousands of eggs, and after the Griffins get kicked out of society, the eggs hatch and destroy the new civilization.

“Stewie Kills Lois/ Lois Kills Stewie."

In this two part episode, Stewie finally realizes his dream of killing Lois. When Lois and Peter go on a cruise, Stewie sneaks on board and shoots his mom multiple times. Lois falls over board, and is presumed dead. A year later peter is suspected of the murder, and of course makes things worse for himself. It looks as if Peter is going to go to prison, when Lois walks in and reveals it was Stewie who tried to kill her. In the next episode, Stewie, on the run from the cops, begins his quest for world domination, and almost succeeds in his goal, until the final epic battle between Lois and Stewie in a burning Oval Office. It ends, with Stewie revealing that it was all a simulation, and that none of the episode actually happened. This is one of the preeminent and hilarious "Family Guy" episodes in the history of the show.