Cartoons have come a long way since the Road Runner and Bugs Bunny, for now the anime genre owns the day -- as demonstrated by the popularity of Dragon Ball Kai episodes. Produced in Japan, "Dragon Ball Kai" is one of the most popular science fiction-themed anime series ever and is based on the "Dragon Ball Z" series.  Fans can currently view episodes of  "Dragon Ball Kai"  on the Nicktoons Network, which is available on cable television systems in the United States. "Dragon Ball Kai" revolves around the epic struggle to save the planet, as the main character, Goku, battles the evil Saiyans warriors. You may wonder about the name of the series -- the "dragon ball" is a literal reference and plays a key role in the story. Around the world are seven hidden objects -- the dragon balls -- which, when gathered together result in special powers.

"The Enemy is Goku's Brother! " In this episode of "Dragon Ball Kai," Goku and Prince Vegeta, warlord of the Saiyans, confront each other on the beach. As they start to fight, Vegeta goes invisible and knocks Goku to the sand. Audiences then learn a surprising fact: Goku and Vegeta ar brothers. Vegeta takes away Goku's son, Gohan, and demands that Goku switch allegiances -- not only that, Vegeta demands that Goku "annihilate" 100 human beings as a sign of loyalty, in order to get back his son.

"The Power of the Kaio-Ken!" Nappa, an oversized muscular enforcer for Prince Vegeta, is told he has to wait before executing Goku in this "Dragon Ball Kai" episode. Unable to control himself, Nappa begins instead to turn his fury at Gohan and his friend, Krillin. Goku is chasing Nappa, but realizes he won't be in time to save his son. So Goku calls on the power of the Kaio-Ken, which gives him superhuman strength, and intercepts Nappa just time. Gohan and Krillin are saved.

"An All-Out Kamehame-Ha!' Prince Vegeta introduces mystery and sorcery into the battle with Goku in this "Dragon Ball Kai" episode. Vegeta introduces a strange, bright ball that seems to reduce -- rather than increase -- his energy. Without warning Vegeta hurls into into the air and then commands it to "mix!" The ball, when combined with oxygen, creates an overwhelmingly bright moon, crippling his foes. The fight continues.

 "The Scheme is Shattered." "I guess the speed at which I am able to recuperate is more than you bargained for!" Prince Vegeta taunts Krillin in this "Dragon Ball Kai" episode. Goku and his defenders thought they had Vegeta safely under wraps, until he harnesses an explosion and escapes from their captivity. The Dragon Balls play a key role in this particular episode.

"Duel on a Vanishing Planet." Amidst the ruins of the planet Namek, Goku and Frieza, another of the Saiyans, wage a tense, destructive battle. Frieza deploys a laser like disk that follows Goku where ever he goes, like a heat-seeking missile. Goku is on the run, trying to escape the path of the disk; at one point he tries to turn the disk against Frieza. Though on the run, Goku does not lose his bluster: "I gave you one last chance to step down, and you blew it!" he hollers at Frieza.