Since 2000, these "Dora the Explorer" episodes have tickled the hearts of children. "Dora the Explorer" episodes are not only fun for the kids to watch but are educational at the same time. Kids can learn a touch of Spanish as well as colors, numbers, and letters in these "Dora the Explorer" episodes. Some interactive characters include Tico the Squirrel, Benny the Bull, Swiper the Fox, and Boots, Dora's trusty sidekick.

  1. “Berry Hunt” - “Berry Hunt” sends Dora and Boots to Blueberry Hill in search for the blueberries. They have to keep Swiper from stealing their blueberries and escape from the bear. With the help of her trusty backpack, Dora and Boots collect the blueberries and enjoy their snack.

  2. “Sticky Tape” - In this "Dora the Explorer" episode, Benny is flying his hot air balloon. As he is heading towards crocodile lake his balloon springs a leak. He is relying on Dora to save himh the sticky tape from her backpack.

  3. “Meet Diego” - Diego, Dora's cousin, is introduced in this episode of "Dora the Explorer". He is an animal rescuer that need to help Baby Jaguar safely away from the edge of a waterfall. Dora and Boots offer to help Diego save Baby Jaguar.

  4. “Dora saves the Game” - In this episode of "Dora the Explorer", Dora shows the kids how important it is to step in and help out when someone is in a jam. Dora's cousin Daisy's soccer team needs another player to play, Dora steps in.

  5. “Benny's Treasure” - Benny the Bull helps Dora and Boots rescue Backpack and Map as they are headed to the junkyard when the junk Truck accidentally takes them. Can they rescue Map and Backpack in time with the help of Benny?

    -Sandy Baird