Fans of anime know the "Case Closed" collection of installments, also known as "Detective Conan" episodes. The series first premiered in Japan in 1996 and continued production in 2011. The storyline follows a detective who returns to being seven years old after being force fed a drug while working on a case. He ages as the show continues, but not in real time because in 2011 he's still a teen detective. While his given name is Jimmy Kudo, he hides under the alias of Conan Edogawa, all the while tracking the evil doers, notably the Black Organization. The moral of these "Detective Conan" episodes is you can send a detective back in time, but you just can't keep a good detective down. 

  1. "The Big Shrink" "Detective Conan" episodes first aired January 1996 with a twofer that rolls with the second episode. The first "Detective Conan" episode solves a murder at a party, so it has the official honor as initiating the series. The duo of titles is a nod to the early Bullwinkle show where each episode had a a title and a subtitle. Jimmy Kudo, as a full-sized detective, is called to a party where a man is killed while reveling. The solution is fairly pedantic; it's the host and Kudo solves the case. At the end of the show, Jimmy gets the poison and the "big shrink" has nothing to do with a psychiatrist.; he's turned into a kid. 

  2. "The Roller Coaster Murder Case" Tension heats up again after solving the party murder case in the second episode, when Kudo then takes a woman to an amusement park and yet another murder happens. This time it's a dude losing his head while riding on the roller coaster. Kudo again jumps on the case, only to find out that his date is the murderer. The episode gives a good reason  to hire someone to do a background check before accepting a blind date. 

  3. "Mystery Mastermind" Detective Conan is in full form by episode fourteen. Conan meets up with a woman looking for her father. By this point Conan is working with a grown up at the Richard Detective Agency. Obviously, nobody's going to hire a kid to do their sleuthing. This Jimmy Kudo episode involves remote electronic trackers and searching at a race track. The woman also mysteriously disappears, but Detective Conan, as usual, handles the mystery by finding the woman and solving her dad's disappearance. 

  4. "On Location, TV Drama Murder Case" Episode 21 finds Jimmy and his friends hanging out at a suspected haunted house. It turns out there's more to this house than ghosts. A woman has imprisoned her son for killing his father years before. The mom has her own form of justice and the kids and Detective Conan solve the mystery. 

  5. "Baron of the Night Murder Case" This Detective Conan episode comes with a case, puzzle and solution chapter, for viewers who like to do their own detective work at home. The episode numbers for readers keeping notes are 68 through 70. Jimmy's on the beach with a major babe when he discovers he must solve a mystery to pay for his hotel room. The case involves discovering who organized the mystery tour. Kudo knew about the tour, but was clueless that he'd be sent out on a case without bucks to pay for the accommodations. Kudo rises to the challenge and identifies the organizer. 

  6. "Secret of the Birth of Phantom Kid" A separate episode featuring Detective Conan was released in April 2010 and matches Kudo's detective work with another anime character, The Phantom Kid. Think Wolfman meets Frankenstein and you get the idea. The title of this episode gives away everything about the mystery. Jimmy Kudo answers the mystery surrounding the birth of the kid.