These examples of "Chowder" episodes are from the American animated series that ran for three seasons. It used standard animation techniques with a good dose of stop animation and, believe it, or not, puppets. "Chowder" is an Emmy winning series that follows a young apprentice, Chowder, as he learns the various tricks of the culinary arts trade. They are laugh out loud funny, reveal a bold use of animation and contain very original storylines.

  1. "The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin" is one of the "Chowder" episodes that's as deliciously kooky as it is fun to say. This episode is from season one, episode one. Chowder, his mentor Mung Daal, and Shnitzel must make this dish for their customer. The road ahead is perilous. These are strange recipes, and downright dangerous to follow. The final ingredient consists of actually having to win a thumb wrestling bout. Very original! 

  2. "Chowder's Girlfriend" is a theme that carries through many of the "Chowder" episodes. This episode is also from season 1, episode 1. The girl that insists she's Chowder's girlfriend. Her name is Panini, and she is an apprentice with Mung Daal's bitter enemy, Ms. Endive. Panini loves that Chowder, though. Chowder is always trying to get away from her, but she's wily. Somehow they managed to kiss in this episode. Chowder is now faced with potentially having to marry her.

  3. "Chowder's Babysitter" brings Gazpacho into the scene. This one of the "Chowder" episodes is from season two, episode two, and has Gazpacho thinking he killed Chowder. He will not think otherwise, even when the real Chowder is standing right in front of him. Gazpacho tries to solv the dilemma by convincing Chowder that he is actually dead. They then both try to get Chowder's soul to go to the Light.

  4. "The Fire Breather" is one of the "Chowder" episodes from season two, episode three. It has Chowder running off to live with dragons. Chowder ate some hot peppers to keep them from running wild and burning down the city. Every time he opens his mouth after that, he breathes fire and pretty much wrecks everything.

  5. "Shopping Spree" takes place after Truffles falls ill. This "Chowder" episode from season two, episode six really shows what a bad influence all the characters are on each other. Chowder, Mung and Shnitzel are now in charge of the money. The trio completely loses their collective mind, and buy everything from a flattering robot servant, to a new face for Mung. Then they try to convince the tight fisted Truffles that all the new stuff she sees is only a dream.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           --Karen Alexander