"He-Man: Master's of the Universe" is likely the most esoteric cartoon television series ever created in the United States, and the world of "He-Man" characters is as diverse as it is weird. Why didn't someone ask what on earth was going on over at the Mattel and Filmation offices when these toys and animated TV show was under development? Shouldn't the FBI have raided those offices around the same time they were pursuing the Dead Kennedys? Regardless, the show was produced and became one of the most popular animated series, being pumped into TVs around the country every afternoon for years, letting generation X youth know that to get things done all they needed was a sword, a sorceress to give them special powers, and an errant lightning bolt. 

Prince Adam - Prince Adam is the prince of  Eternia, a land that is embattled against evil forces that want to take it over. The prince is like a male version of Paris Hilton, blond-haired, popular, and heir to a throne he hasn't worked for. Some people dismiss Prince Adam too early, no knowing what he's got hidden under his tights.

He-Man - Prince Adam is given special powers and turns into He-Man with his special cry "I have the power!" He-Man is an overbuilt version of Adam capable of taking over the airways of our world and defeating enemies of his kingdom. Who knew? There are more parallels to Paris Hilton than we ever thought possible.

Skeletor - This skull-faced villain is always trying to take over the throne and to defeat He-Man so he can rule Eternia. With little experience in benevolent  dictatorship, we naturally cheer for He-Man each time he pushes Skeletor and his evil forces back to the void where they have been banished.

She-Ra - Early in the series we are unaware that He-Man has a twin sister. She, like he, can transform into a powerful, muscular hero with her own sword and powers. Together they fight the villains and drive them away from Eternia. She-Ra has her own spinoff series which, thankfully, led to a huge spike in female bodybuilding over three decades. 

Tri-Klops - This evil villain from Snake Mountain has three eyes protruding in three directions. He basically has a 365 degree view of the world. Given that, you'd think he'd be a good guy, but the added context he can see only makes him more selfish and evil. 

-Alan Murdock