Bleach Spoilers For Only The Most Hardcore Anime Fan

Thursday, August 25 by sameerah blue

Ruika gets the death penalty - The power transfer that allows Ichigo to defeat the Hollow, but it leaves Rukia mortal. And if going from an ass kicking soul reaper to a mere mortal isn’t band enough, it turns out that transferring your powers is a punishable by death in the reaper land know as Soul Society and Rukia ends up on death row.

It’s all about honor and guilt - Feeling guilty that Rukia is going to put to death for defending him Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper and dedicates him to defending man kind and saving Rukia from the death penalty. The trap is sprung-Ichigo and his crew discover that all of their adventures were orchestrated by Sosuke, a high ranking soul reaper who has been using this group of kids as pawns in his quest to rule Soul Society as his own.

A new set of baddies-With his evil plan discovered Sosuke joins forces with a powerful group of Hollows known as the Espada. From here “Bleach” takes a shift from Ichigo’s attempts to save Rukia, to a battle between Soul Reapers, the Espadas, and Aizen. From this point on all of the battles in “Bleach” are a pretext to Ichigo building up the power that he will to go up against Aizen.

Ichigo Kurosaki loses his powers and takes a break - After defeating Aizen and losing his powers,  Ichigo and the crew from “Bleach” get a seventeen month break from their supernatural shenanigans before Ichigo is approached by group who call themselves Xcution. A group of hollow-like creatures who offer to restore Ichigo’s Soul Reaper powers and transfer their own specific powers to him as well.

Direct to DVD movies - The “Bleach” films—“Bleach: Memories of Nobody” (2006) and “Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion” (2009)—pick up where the series leaves off, Ichigo and company are still trying to protect man kind while ushering the souls of different people into Soul Society. But the dirty details of the “Bleach” movies is a “Bleach” spoiler article for another day.

-Sameerah Blue

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