Avatar episodes, of the Emmy winning "Last Air Bender" animated series, are each referred to as chapters. The series ran for 3 years, and covered the story of four nations that were each associated with an element. They were either fire, water, air, or earth. There were people within these nations called "benders" that could manipulate these elements. The "Last Air Bender" was an adept, and able to manipulate all four elements. The interesting, and maybe appropriate, thing was that this "Last Air Bender" was also just a kid. The Last Air Bender is called the Avatar, and is represented by a kid named Aang. The Avatar is reincarnated into each nation after dying. The Fire nation is hunting Aang, and in the process has killed off most, if not all, of the air benders. Aang is a good natured kid that's working to master all four elements so he can defeat the Fire nation. These Avatar episodes are funny, profound, and worth checking out.

  1. "The Boy in the Iceberg" is the first chapter of Avatar episodes in the book of Water. This is the beginning. This is when Aang is accidentally released from his iceberg by a practicing water bender. This water bender is named Katara, and she is accompanied by her brother Sokka. They are older than Aang, but still young people, too. They are amazed to find out Aang is an air bender because air benders are thought to be extinct. They initially see him as just a kid until Aang shows his mojo by trying to save their endangered village.

  2. "The Blue Spirit" is one of the most thrilling and mysterious of the Avatar episodes. Prince Zuko disguises himself as the Blue Spirit in order to help Aang escape from Commander Zhou. Neither the audience, nor Aang, know who the Blue Spirit is until much later. This episode really starts drawing attention to Zuko as a much more 3 dimensional character than we previously thought.

  3. "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" is one of the most heartwarming Avatar episodes. It's structured like a compilation of one act plays with each character getting to star in their own play. You get the chance to see the characters in a very relatable way. Katara has a girls' night out, even Zuko goes on a date.

  4. "The Avatar and the Fire Lord" is one of the most important of the Avatar episodes as far as back story goes. These two started out as friends, then eventually turned into bitter enemies. This is the episode that explains all of that, and of course, why this whole war is happening anyway.

  5. "Zuko Alone" is a transformational episode for Prince Zuko. This one of the Avatar episodes shows Zuko maturing into an actual decent guy. It seems it was always there to some extent, but this is when he finally embraces it. You will come to understand him. You will cheer for him.

-Karen Alexander