"Animaniacs" episodes were shown during the cartoon's run in the 1990s. The television show featured the two Warner Brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and their sister, Dot. "Animaniacs" catered to elementary school-aged children, but often featured references to adult popular culture, including spoofs of Walt Disney movies, classic television and counter-culture events. Here are ten of the best "Animaniacs" episodes.

  1. "Star Truck" - This "Animaniacs" episode was a parody of the classic sci-fi show "Star Trek". The cartoon opens with a Captain Kirk-like character narrating his captain's log only to have an actual log dropped on his head. Things get zany when Yakko, Wakko and Dot are beamed aboard the ship.

  2. "Mindy in Wonderland" - Mindy and Buttons appeared in a regular "Animaniacs" segment that spoofed Timmy and Lassie. In this "Animaniacs" episode, Buttons is given the task of looking after Mindy, who falls down a hole while chasing after a white rabbit.

  3. "The Tiger Prince" - Another Walt Disney spoof, "The Tiger Prince" parodied "The Lion King", replete with a colossal animal migration set to a song entitled "The Surprises in Life". Yakko hoists the tiger cub off the edge of a cliff, only to drop him to the ground.

  4. "The Brain's Apprentice" - This "Animaniacs" episode featured Pinky and The Brain, two lab mice who try to take over the world. This episode was a spoof of the Walt Disney classic "Fantasia". Pinky and The Brain eventually got their own spinoff show, which ran from 1995 to 1998.

  5. "Battle for the Planet" - Another Pinky and The Brain cartoon, this "Animaniacs" episode featured a plot by The Brain to reenact a "War of the Worlds"-type skit in an attempt to cause a worldwide panic. Unfortunately, all the viewers thought it was a sitcom.

  6. "Mighty Wakko at the Bat" - A remake of the classic story "Casey at the Bat", this "Animaniacs" episode featured The Warners team against The Gorillas in baseball. The Warners are trailing 1-0 until Wakko goes to bat and scores when the outfielders are distracted by Hello Nurse and Minerva.

  7. "A Very, Very, Very, Very Special Show" - In an effort to win a prestigious award, Yakko, Wakko and Dot engage in several philanthropic missions, including saving a beached whale and attending a lecture on ozone depletion. When the award goes to "a panda called Pookie", the trio goes back to their old ways.

  8. "Goodfeathers - The Beginning" - A cartoon take on the movie "Goodfellas", the Goodfeathers were three city pigeons who roosted near a statue of Martin Scorcese. The three birds were named Squit, Bobby and Pesto. Squit assumed the role of Ray Liotta's Henry Hill, narrating each episode.

  9. "Woodstock Slappy" - Slappy Squirrel and her nephew Skippy come out of their home to find Woodstock being held. Skippy finds the event exciting, donning a pair of John Lennon glasses. One of the highlights of the show is Slappy and Skippy engaging in a remake of "Who's On First" when discussing the band The Who.

  10. "I'm Mad" - This entire "Animaniacs" episode was a song. The Warner studios psychiatrist arrives to take Yakko, Wakko and Dot to the circus. The biggest trouble is getting them out of the water tower withou fighting each other.