Get ready for close encounters of the weird and random kind with these “Adventure Time” episodes. “Adventure Time” is one of the strangest and adorable shows on the Cartoon Network weekday line up.”Adventure Time” follows the adventures of Finn—a human boy, and his best friend Jake—a talking dog with magical powers—as they roam the mystical Land of OOOOO helping it’s people and trying to retain their title as champions of the realm. The surreal animation and the adorable can do spirit of the show will make any other the “Adventure Time” episodes that you watch a good pick me up after a long day.

“Slumber Party Panic”- In this “Adventure Time” episode, Jake and Princess Bubblegum cook up a magic potion that can bring dead candy people back to life. But the candy people don’t come back as the sugary people of happiness and sunshine that we once knew and are now candy zombies. If the zombie horde tastes like candy, mankind may yet survive the zombie Apocalypse.

“Business Time”- This “Adventure Time” episode proves you should never trust a stranger in a suit. Especially one that has been thawed from block of ice. Finn and Jake give into their laziness when a pair of business men that they’ve thawed from a block of ice offer to take over their adventure duties for them. But it doesn’t take long before the suits start to run amok leaving Jake and Finn to clean up the mess and retake the mantle of adventurers.

“Evicted”- Not even our heroes can catch a break in this “Adventure Time” episode. After a long day of having adventures Jake and Finn return to their tree house home to find that a vicious vampire girl named Marceline has claimed their tree house as their own. Now the duo have to decide if they want to take the vampire out or just look for a new home.

“Slow Love”- Love is in the air in this “Adventure Time” episode. Jake and Finn have to try a woo a group of sweet but slimy lady snails in order to help save their home from Snorlock, the giant snail. This “Adventure Time” episodes is awesome because Snorlock is voiced but Biz Markie.

“The Other Tart”- We know what you’re thinking, but get your mind out of the gutter this is a family show. In this “Adventure Time” episode Jake and Finn have the dangerous task of helping princess Bubblegum deliver a batch of dangerous yet delicious tarts to the annual Royal Back Rubbing Ceremony.

“Her Parents”- Even in the Land of OOOO, meeting your girls parents is always a nerve racking expereince. In this “Adventure Time” episode, Jake has to meet Lady Ranicorn’s parents a task made even more frightening when you consider that the two families have been at war for over a hundred years.

“Mystery Train”- Taking a cue from the classic Agatha Christie novel “Murder on the Orient Express” this “Adventure Time” episode find Jake and Finn trying to enjoy a scenic train ride only to find themselves sucked into a murder mystery.  

-Sameerah Blue