Many of us grew up with "Flintstones" characters. As kids, we didn't know they were patterned after "The Honeymooners," nor did we care. We just shouted 'yabba, dabba do!' right along with our favorite cartoon. This was a dysfunctional family, before being dysfunctional was cool.

Fred Flintstone 

Fred is a lovable loser. He's always dreaming and scheming for a bette life, just like all of us. He works hard down at the quarry, yet he never seems to stay out of trouble. He loves his wife Wilma and his best friend Fred, and he's doing his best to liv the American pre-historic dream. He's the character that popularized the phrase, "yabba dabba do!" It feels good to say. Go ahead, shout it out loud. Don't worry what the neighbors think.   

Wilma Flintstone 

Wilma is smart than Fred, but she has a great big soft spot for him. She loves him in spite of his obvious faults. She's all wife and all woman, at the same time. She also seems a little sarcastic. It's as though she already knows everything Fred is thinking, poo-poos much of it, yet still loves the big lug. Caveman and cavewoman love wasn't as sophisticated as it is now.


Dino is the Flintsones' pet dinosaur, but he behaves just like a dog. He dearly loves his master, Fred. He runs and licks him too much. However, dinosaurs were a man's best friend back then.

Barney Rubble  

Barney is Fred's best friend. He lives next door and gets into a lot of trouble with Fred. This trouble, however, is always Fred's idea. They like to bowl together and try to keep each other on the up-and-up has husbands and fathers. He's so much more happy-go-lucky than Fred. He kind of keeps Fred sane. Hey, somebody has to keep him in line!

Betty Rubble 

Betty is Barney's wife. She's also Wilma's best friend. Sometimes these two scheme together, much like Barney and Fred. Of all "The Flintsones" characters, she's the most colorless. She's Barney's wife and Wilma's friend, but little else.

-Dan MacIntosh