This list of "Dragon Ball Z" episodes represents the turning-points in the series. Each of these episodes marks extraordinary turning points, dramatic sequences and unexpected turns that fans still dwell on and talk about. "Dragon Ball Z" is a popular animated series hailing from Japan that has enjoyed success in the United States. The "Dragon Ball Z" series, like other popular animes, begun as a manga series and was turned into its adapted animated series. "Dragon Ball Z," or "DBZ" as it is sometimes commonly referred, still continues to enjoy success as an animated series in America and other countries.

"Goku’s Unusual Journey" This episode marked the beginning of Goku’s journey in the world of the Kais. But this journey/quest was particularly unusual because Goku had been killed during the altercation with his older brother Raditz. This episode marks the change in guard from Goku and Piccolo to Goku’s son Gohan.

"The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You?" This episode was another turning point in the series. The alien invading saiyans finally arrived on the planet Earth but Goku is still training in the world of the Kais for the invaders arrival. This episode also marks the beginning of the end for such lovable characters as Yamucha, Ten-San and Tien-characters who were immensely popular in the earlier "Dragon Ball" series.

"The Battle Ends" This episode marks the end of the battle with the alien saiyans, as Gohan and Goku defeat Vegeta. But instead of killing the injured saiyan, Goku respects Vegeta as a warrior and allows him to live. This deepens the rivalry between the saiyans but allows Vegeta to become a strong friend to the earthlings later on in the series.

"Trump Card" This episode marks the death of Vegeta and the return of Goku to the battle field. Vegeta valiantly tried to defeat the monstrous Freeza but was unable to save his very own life. This episode marks the beginning of Goku’s super saiyan transformation aimed at avenging his friends and allies.

"Transformed at Last" This episode marks the final transformation of Goku into a super saiyan, as he sees his friends Krillin and Piccolo killed right in front of his eyes. This spurs Goku into a drastic transformation, allowing him to kill inevitability kill Freeza in the DBZ’s most popular arc.