“Nip/Tuck” was one of my favorite shows. I actually thought the first two seasons were the best television had to offer. So I’m happy to get the Complete Series DVD set. I have a fantasy of one day rewatching the entire series. Maybe when I Am Legend happens and it’s just me holed up with my DVD collection keeping the monsters out.

The DVD set comes in a nice silver box holding each individual season. The new slimmer cases for the individual seasons make the whole set take up less shelf space than it would if you bought each season individually. The content is what’s really important though.

The first two seasons are really the essence of drama. Plastic surgeons Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) would perform plastic surgeries that would have morally ambiguous consequences for the character stories. They were shocking, and always graphic.

Christian was the standout character because he was so manipulative you were just fascinated by how he operates. But then in season two, Sean became the interesting character, revealing a dark side that was buried underneath his good boy veneer all along.

Series creator Ryan Murphy admits season three went off the rails with the Carver killer storyline. Once you get to the end of season two, you won’t be able to skip season three because you’ll have to know what happens, but brace yourself. It’s really stupid and ridiculous.

However, season four turns out to be worse. In trying to get back to the drama of season one, they end up running repetitive stories with copout endings, and inadvertently introduce another crime subplot that’s even dumber than The Carver.

Season five is where I think the show regained its impact. Moving the doctors to L.A. gave them new personal and medical drama to explore. It remained outrageous, and sometimes outlandish, but that was always nip/tuck. Seeing Sean become the cool one and Christian flounder in a world where he’s not the hottest doctor in town was interesting.

The rest of the series played out in L.A. and the final season addressed the backlash against plastic surgery, where patients finally realize it does not make them look better. “Nip/Tuck” managed to encapsulate the whole journey of the medical field in a scathing drama that kept one upping itself. Now you can own it all in one silver box.