Harry Belafonte has hit the road on a publicity tour for his upcoming memoir, My Song, but he's apparently as bored talking about his career as we would be listening to him talk about it. During a satellite interview with KBAK of Bakersfield, Mr. Belafonte "seems to" have fallen asleep before the segment began, and was unable to be rousted when the questions started coming.

I put "seems to" in quotes because Belafonte's publicist, Kristin Clifford offered a different explanation to USA Today. She claims that he was meditating with his eyes closed, and that the audio on KBAK's end wasn't functioning properly.

"Their technical difficulty was used to embarrass Mr. Belafonte. This was 100% their error."

Occam's Razor says that, all other things being held equal, the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. So what is simpler. That the calypso singer was closing his eyes and meditating at exactly the same moment that a glitch affected the studio's audio, or that an 84 year-old guy that had been up all morning giving interviews fell asleep?

Your move, publicist Kristin Clifford.