The upcoming FX horror series, American Horror Story, promises to provide viewers with "everything you love about a thriller, nothing you expect." These short promo clips seem to bear that out, with lots of shiny leather and weird visual effects.

This first one is the most subtle of the bunch - the creepiest thing in it is a simple shot of a staircase, which is still pretty creepy, don't get me wrong.

Now things are starting to get weird. Remember that shiny leather I told you about? Yeah, it's here. If there's one thing to make a haunted house creepier it's a little S&M imagery.

This last one is the creepiest of all - even more shiny leather shots, plus some kind of weird topsy-turvy room to boot. It's kind of like the shining meets Lady Gaga meets the creator of Glee. Jesus, that truly is horrifying.

The show premieres on October 5th, on FX.