‘Youth in Revolt’ Actress Ari Graynor
Tuesday, January 12 by

You may remember Ari Graynor as the girl in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist who takes the chewing gum out of the toilet full of her own puke. I bet it tasted like that movie played…A word from Ari: "I do not have an athletic bone in my body."There's no way your body needs to be playing sports. Keep it safe, unbruised, and unbroken. We don't need anymore Owen Wilson noses up on the silver screen.Check out more pics of Ari's tip-top body after the jump.

‘Youth in Revolt’ Actress Portia Doubleday
Monday, January 11 by

Portia Doubleday is fairly new to the scene, but her starring role opposite Michael Cera in Youth in Revolt is getting a lot of buzz. It won't be long until she's snatching up all the parts that Kirsten Dunst is too old and cracked-out to play.A word from Portia: "At 14, I was not raring to go."That's okay, Portia. Sometimes it takes longer to blossom into a sexual being. Not having a penis is usually the cause.More pics of Portia to help you blossom after the jump.

‘Youth In Revolt’ Trailer, Now with Dirty Language
Tuesday, December 8 by

Youth In Revolt Red Band Trailer – watch more funny videos Here's the new red band trailer for Youth In Revolt, starring Michael Cera and evil Michael Cera. I gotta say, I wasn't interested in this movie after seeing the original squeaky-clean trailer, but the dirty stuff in this one brings a slight smile to my face. Cera's showing some range and some balls playing evil Cera, and you just KNOW something hilarious is going to come from him eating an entire bag of shrooms. I'm not saying that these links are better on shrooms. A Comprehensive List of Tiger's Mistresses (HolyTaco) Million Dollar Car Wrecked in Accident. Doh! (TotalProSports) Animals Boozin' it Up (TheChive) Lana Wachowski is Lookin' Great (FilmDrunk) Hamster Jazz Band (SuperTremendous) 10 Best Horror Movies of the Aughts (Pajiba) Celebrity Sex Faces (CelebJihad) 12 Best Arrested Development Jokes You Never Got (Unreality) Whic Porn Star Would You Like to Date? (Asylum) The Lego Tiger Woods Accident Reenactment (BustedCoverage) Hot Girl Fails at Stair Surfing (RegretfulMorning) 10 Gourmet Grilled Cheese Recipes (MadeMan) Patrick to Drive No. 7 Car for Jr. Motorsports (AllLeftTurns)

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