"The Young and the Restless" cast are proud members of the number one soap in America. Most of the cast members are Daytime Emmy winners and nominees.  Catch the cast of "The Young and the Restless" on CBS every afternoon and nightly on SOAPnet. Before you do, here's the scoop on the top cast member's characters on the soap.

  1. Eric Braeden This long-time soap star plays Victor Newman. His character runs Newman Enterprises and is currently with his on and off wife, Nikki Newman. As one of the richest and most powerful men in Genoa City, Victor makes being bad look very good. When he's not playing the power-hungry and sometimes downright maniacal Victor, Eric Braeden is busy making made-for-TV movies or series. He joined " The Young and the Restless" cast in 1980.

  2. Melody Thomas Scott Ms. Scott plays Victor Newman's wife on the soap. She's been a bad girl, gold digger and damsel in distress throughout the show's history. She's also one of the most popular stars on the soap. Nikki is currently living the good life as a pampered wife. Although she won the role in 1979, Ms. Scott is still one of daytime's most beautiful women.

  3. Peter Bergman After graduating the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Bergman won roles on several other soaps. He later got the part of conniving Jack Abbot in 1989. He's Victor's archenemy and the son of the late John Abbot, founder of Jabot Cosmetics. Ever since taking over the family business Jack has made taking out Victor is main agenda. Jack isn't easy to live with either. Just ask his five wives.

  4. Jeanne Cooper Jeanne Cooper is a top veteran of "The Young and the Restless" for the last 38 years. Her character Katherine Chancellor is one smart lady. She's owned Chancellor Industries, Jabot Cosmetics and currently has rights to Forrester Creations. Although previously married four times, Katherine's currently married to fifth husband Patrick Murphy.

  5. Jess Walton Walton plays Jill Abbot. She's both friends and enemies of Katherine Chancellor. Jill's had a complicated life in the beginning. She went from thinking Katherine was her mom to finding out she was indeed adopted. Life became even more complicated when she found out that her son wasn't really hers and her real son was miraculously alive somewhere else. Jess Walton's real life isn't so strange. She's mom of two kids, married to a famous author and donates time to charity.

  6. Amelia Heinle Before she took over the role of Victoria Newman, Amelia Heinle starred on several major soaps. Her character on "The Young and the Restless" is the daughter of Victor and Nikki Newman. She's had to overcome many obstacles including five marriages and several miscarriages. Amelia Heinle isn't so unlucky in real life. She's happily married to actor Thad Luckinbill and has three kids.

  7. Eileen Davidson Ms. Davidson has the honor of being Ashley Abbot, Jack's sister. She's strong, independent and knows how to run a business. Like other major characters on the show, she's been married five times. Eileen Davidson, on the other hand, is more down to earth.

  8. Doug Williamson Williamson in Paul Williams. He's debonair, smart and always the hero. He's the moral side of Genoa City and always gets his bad guy. Williamson joined the cast in 1978 at the age of seventeen.

Whether you're a fan or not, "The Young and the Restless" puts all the rest to shame. No pun intended.