7 Prehistoric Movies That In NO Way Represent Actual History
Friday, August 3 by Gregory Wakeman

Cinematic audiences have always been interested in stories that revolve around the prehistoric era. Any opportunity to see mammoths, dinosaurs, and other unrecognizable creatures roam across the earth and wreak…

Wednesday, June 17 by

People may not be aware that Harold Ramis was the Judd Apatow of the 1980s. In addition to his landmark acting roles in Ghostbusters and Stripes, he penned and directed some of the all-time greatest comedies – National Lampoon’s Vacation and Caddyshack (just to name a couple). Judd Apatow, on the other hand, has had just as much influence on the producing side, and it’s his role there that teams him up with Ramis on the Jack Black and Michael Cera history vehicle Year One (opening Friday).  

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