The 6 Most Thrilling Escape Scenes In Movie History
Thursday, August 16 by Lee Keeler

Domestic imprisonment and the anxiety of confinement are what make these 6 most thrilling escape scenes such a joy to watch. Sometimes it just takes a bunch of kiddie toys,…

Lick a Woody for 44 Cents with New Pixar Postal Stamps
Tuesday, December 28 by

Have you always had the perverted yet overwhelming desire to lick the backsides of your favorite Pixar characters? Well then, it looks like you’re in luck! The U.S. Postal Service is continuing their “Art of Disney” stamp line with images from several Pixar films.

Pixar’s Biggest Woody Yet
Sunday, June 20 by

Toy Story 3 lead the box office this weekend, bringing in an estimated $109 million. It was the largest opening ever for a Pixar film and the third largest opening so far in 2010.The success of Toy Story should come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention to movie trends. The box office numbers simply prove what we here at Screen Junkies have known for years: kids love Tim Allen.  (Coming Soon)

‘Toy Story 3′ Trailer Sees Toys Abandoned for College, Hopes of Ever Having Sex.
Sunday, October 11 by

It's been playing in theaters for a couple weeks, but now it's finally hit the 'nets. Yes, the new trailer for the long-awaited Toy Story 3, which tells the tale of Andy's toys' survival after they're unceremoniously dumped in a day-care center after Andy departs for college.The only toy that gets to come with Andy on his matriculation? A sassy, wisecracking Fleshlight named Virginia, voiced by Queen Latifah. Check out the trailer after the jump. 

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