Fans of the hit USA show “White Collar” have their own set of the best “White Collar” full episodes. A persons favorite or best of list of episodes is all about a personal choice and what they like. With two seasons under there belt “White Collar” has left us with some great episodes to chose from for the best “White Collar” full episode list.

  1. “The Pilot” - Season one, episode 1. The pilot is designed to be the best, to get the viewers hooked and to want to make us watch more. In the pilot of “White Collar” we learned that Neal was an art thief that was finally caught by Peter. Now Peter needs Neal's help in catching the bad guys because Neal thinks outsid the box and has connections.

  2. “Power Play” - Season two, episode 15. Peter and Neal trade places in order to catch a thief. Things don't go as planned when Peter is late for a meeting so Neal pretends he is Peter much to Peters dismay. Peter must then become educating in being an art thief and being a criminal.

  3. “Out of the Box” - Season one, episode 14. The season finale is a heart breaker for Neal. His one true loves is blown up on a plane. Viewers are left hanging during the off season to find out what is going to happen.

  4. “By the Book” - Season two, episode 4. Mozzie must take a leap of faith within himself and put his faith into the FBI. When a girl Mozzie likes is missing , he must trust the FBI and work with them in order to be sure she makes it back safe and sound.

  5. “Forging Bonds” - Season two, episode 11. This episode is a nice reflection on the characters on the show. It takes viewers back to see how the characters met and how their relationships came to be.