The Film Cult Presents: Where the Wild Things Are
Friday, February 27 by

About a quarter of the way through Where the Wild Things are, Max, the kid who’s just bitten his mother, is convincing the wild things not to eat him by…

Guy Pearce
‘The Rover’ Trailer Takes Us Down Under With Robert Pattinson
Thursday, April 17 by

It’s a story of revenge in dysopian Australia. And no, it’s not ‘Mad Max’.

Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack Song List
Friday, September 9 by Chris Ciolli

The "Where the Wild Things Are" Soundtrack song list is the answer to the question: How do you select songs for the soundtrack to a children's classic transformed into a…

Kanye West + Spike Jonze = Fairytale
Monday, October 19 by

Where the Wild Things Are arrived this past weekend, and it pretty much turned out to be a therapy session with a bunch of clinically depressed forty-somethings dressed like furries. So when we heard that "We Were Once a Fairytale," the Spike Jonze-directed film starring Kanye West, hit the Web today, it was the news equivalent of a Xanax. We have the 11-minute piece here, minus the first minute or so. Spoiler alert: it's effing weird.

Friday, August 7 by

The director responsible for a string of classics passed away yesterday. John Hughes reportedly suffered a fatal heart attack while visiting family in Manhattan. He was 59. Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles (amongst others) will always be held in high regard around here. Screen Junkies would like to pass on our condolescences to the family and friends of Mr. Hughes. (AP)Don't you forget about these morning links…Where the Where The Wild Things Are second trailer is. (First Showing)Bryan Singer reteams with Syfy. (Latino Review)Fingers crossed! Louis C.K. may have a new show. (Variety)Galifianakis not too eager about Hangover 2. (IGN)Dethklok coming to a city near you. (TV Squad)

Monday, May 11 by

Where The Wild Things Are Scare – Watch more Movie Trailers /Film posted this video of Spike Jonze scaring the ever loving crap out of a child while wearing a Where the Wild Things Are suit that's like the cheap department store Santa equivalent of the Wild Things from the film.  Still, I'd be scared if my Dad were running around the house wearing this.  Then again, I was scared sh*tless of Michael Jackson in "Thriller" when I was that age.  Maybe that was just good sense. Check this junk out: The 10 Coolest TV Characters Of All Time (Pajiba) Packers And Bengals On The Rebound (MoonDogSports) HumpDay Is All About Humping Chicks (FilmDrunk) London Harts Spank Bank (GorillaMask) The Tale of Ol' Stanky (Sick Pigs) 5 Bastardizations Of Wikipedia (Cracked) Call Of Duty Movie? (Filmofilia) Roger Avary Directs Silent Hill 2 (DreadCentral) Abstinence Rock Music (HolyTaco) Bert Blyleven Eats Worms (BustedCoverage) Real Girls Are Always The Hottest (Uncoached) Vicious Knockout Cagematch (NothingToxic) Bruckheimer Talks Prince Of Persia (Unreality) Here Come The Basterds (ThePlaylist) 70s Jesus Is Priceless (TomOatmeal) Sexy Babes From South Of The Border (Chickipedia)

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