The "What I Like About You" cast was probably best known for being quite the collection of pretty people. Of course, the cast turned out to be quite the collection of both veterans of the small screen as well as young up and comers. The show centered around the lives of two sisters who are forced to live together and reestablish what was an estranged relationship.

  1. Amanda Bynes Bynes played younger sister Holly Tyler in the show. "What I Like About You" was the vehicle for Bynes to jump from kid star to full on teen actress. While Bynes was popular among the kiddie set before the show, she landed roles in movies like "Hairspray" thanks in no small part because she was able to show her versatility.

  2. Jennie Garth Garth has been and will probably always be known as Kelly Taylor on the original "Beverly Hills 90210" but this was a chance for her to show that she could do something besides playing the spoiled little rich girl. Oddly enough, while Garth did take on a couple of different roles after the show's run ended, she eventually returned to Beverly Hills when the new "90210" was released.

  3. Wesley Jonathan Jonathan played Gary Thorpe, a friend of Bynes' character who was around quite often. Other than Bynes and Garth, Jonathan appeared in the most episodes than any of the major cast members. While the actor hasn't been able to find stable work like when he was with the show, he has made appearances in dozens of shows and movies since the series ended.

  4. Leslie Grossman Playing Lauren, this was actually the second series in which Grossman was a regular cast member. Grossman really broke into the television business performing on the show "Popular." Grossman has made repeat appearances on several less popular sitcoms.

  5. Allison Munn The beautiful blonde who played the best friend of Bynes' character pooled her recurring role on the show into quite the television career since.  After "What I Like About You" Munn had a recurring role on "That 70's Show" and is now a repeat performer on the incredibly popular and long running teen drama "One Tree Hill."

  6. Nick Zano Zano played Vince on the show and ended up appearing in 54 episodes. Zano has been able to grow himself quite a career since the show ended, including appearing in one of the iterations of the "Final Destination" movies. Ironically, Zano also appeared in the newest version of "Melrose Place," forming an odd sort of a career dovetail with his co-star Jennie Garth.