Wes Anderson movies are always recognizable. Whether it be the slightly quirky characters or the nostalgic offbeat music, Anderson has a unique style. Here is a look at his films, so far.

  1. "Bottle Rocket" It was the film that brought us Owen Wilson. Actually, this 1996 comedy introduced us to Owen, Luke and their brother Andrew. "Bottle Rocket" is the first film to bring us the Wes Anderson style, which is fairly odd. Three friends plan a bank robbery and end up on a road trip with stops along the way that get in the way of their ultimate plan. Luke Wilson plays a goofy and sweet guy fresh out of the mental hospital and Owen Wilson gives us glimpse of his mannerisms which have become commonplace in his films.

  2. "Rushmore" It was the film that not only gave Bill Murray a great comeback, but also helped him in his transformation as an actor that could do more than just comedy. Of course, Bill Murray is still hilarious in this cerebral comedy. Jason Schwartzman plays a fifteen year-old that has great aspirations but doesn't quite have the intelligence or motivation to actually meet his own expectation. When he falls in love with a teacher, he competes with Murray for the lovely educator's affection. Quotable dialog and further appearances by Luke and Owen Wilson make this a Wes Anderson classic.

  3. "The Royal Tenenbaums" A critical darling, "The Royal Tenenabums" is another witty comedy with great music and an even more impressive cast list. A family of prodigies struggle to adapt to lives as adults. Like many of Anderson's films, this one has a variety of strange characters trapped in even stranger scenarios. Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson, Gene Hackman and Angelica Huston portray the Tenenbaum family. Owen Wilson, not surprisingly, has a role in this one, too, this time as a cowboy novelist who always wanted to be a Tenenbaum.

  4. "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" Bill Murray once again stars in a Wes Anderson movie, this time as an oceanographer with all the idiosyncrasies one would expect from a Wes Anderson character. After his best friend, Esteban, was eaten by the mysterious Jaguar shark, Steve Zissou seeks out revenge in his documentary about his travels through the sea. This film marks the first collaboration with fellow independent director and screenwriter, Noah Baumbach. A delightful mix of satire and heart, this film succeeds in all of its audaciousness.

  5. "The Darjeeling Limited" This 2007 comedy-drama was a less-beloved film in the Anderson cannon. This film was also co-written by "Rushmore" star Jason Shwartzman and Roman Coppola. The new addition of Adrienne Brody gave the usual cast of familiar faces a bit of a jolt. Thre brothers ride on a train through India to attend their father's funeral. Some may recall the minor controversy over the short film "Hotel Chevalier," a prequel to "The Darjeeling Limited" that featured a nude Natalie Portman.

  6. "The Mr. Fantastic Fox" A bit of a change for Anderson, "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" is a stop-animation film based on the Roald Dahl book of the same name. George Clooney and Meryl Streep lend their voices, while Anderson regulars Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray complete a stellar cast. Although animated, this is not just a kids movie but a rather heartwarming and humorous entry into Wes Anderson's impressive filmography.