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Vanessa Brayer’s Janessa Slater Talks Re-Branding With Weird Al
Friday, February 27 by

Maybe become “Normal Al” to mass market a little more?

Conan O’Brien Performs ‘The Simpsons’ Monorail Song Live At Hollywood Bowl
Sunday, September 14 by

Why? Because life is nice sometimes.

Celebrate ‘UHF’s’ 25th Anniversary With NSFW Pics
Wednesday, July 23 by

They take it all off for UHF.

God Bless Weird Al
Speakeasy: Weird Al Yankovic
Monday, May 21 by

Weird Al Yankovic is f***ing awesome…

The King of Parody: Weird Al Videos
Tuesday, October 18 by Layla Sinclair
9 Tim and Eric Regulars Who Need A Cameo In ‘Billion Dollar Movie’
Thursday, February 24 by

While it’s nice to see some big names attached, long-time followers will all but demand appearances by the creepy-cadre of weirdos that were a fixture on “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” Here are nine such regulars that need to make an appearance.

Cinema’s Last Hope: “Weird Al” Yankovic Developing Another Feature Film
Thursday, July 8 by

Move over Frank Darabont. Looks like there may be another Hawaiian-shirted director in town. We reported previously about "Weird Al" Yankovic's deal with Cartoon Network to air whatever lunacy he conjured up. Part of that deal was to create a live-action feature length film, but now Cartoon Network has decided against creating long-form live-action content for television. "Weird" is taking it all in stride though, and doing his best to get this project up on the big screen.As I had previously reported, after years of negotiation, I was able to sign a major production deal with Cartoon Network to provide content for them.  They were primarily interested in live action features, so I pitched them on a movie idea.  They loved it, and gave me the go-ahead to start working on the screenplay.  I worked closely with them for several months, and after submitting my 4th draft, just when I was just about to get the official green light… Cartoon Network let me know that they were no longer in the feature film business.…it’s not entirely bad news – the script went into turnaround, which means I’m free to sell it somewhere else.  (Come to think of it, that was pretty much the exact thing that happened when I was trying to get UHF made.)  So maybe it’ll get produced at some point, maybe it won’t… all I know is, I’ll have a lot more free time this fall.Maybe it will, maybe it won't?! No way, "Weird." This is Hollywood. That apathetic approach won't get you anywhere in this town. If you want to see your dreams on the silverscreen, you need to strap on your accordian, bust into those boardrooms, and show those overpaid dick krinkles just who the eff they're dealing with. Don't leave there until you hear the words "go picture." You're "Weird Al" Yankovic, and you don't take no sh*t from nobody. And make sure they validate your parking. (Al's Blog)

“Weird Al” Yankovic to Take Over a TV Channel for Real This Time
Monday, January 25 by

"Weird Al" Yankovic has signed a production deal with Cartoon Network to broadcast anything he wants on the channel. First up will be a live-action feature film that will NOT star the parodist. According to "Weird", the network asked that the project star a young protagonist. That's a shame. Where will they ever find a youngster with the charm and good looks of "Weird Al" Yankovic? Besides McLovin, of course. I just hope Wheel of Fish is on the primetime schedule.  (Al's Blog via Coming Soon)

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