The 5 Weirdest Movies You Should See
Thursday, May 10 by Joseph Gibson

What does "weird" mean, exactly? The truth is what might seem completely normal to one moviegoer could be completely bizarre to the next. Still, there are some movies out there…

6 Of The Oddest Foot Fetish Scenes In TV And Film
Friday, April 20 by Gregory Wakeman

Some people find feet to be the sexiest part of the female anatomy. Maybe it's because their mother and father played "This Little Piggy" a little too much over their…

6 Paranormal TV Shows That Put Vampire Diaries To Shame
Thursday, March 1 by Sasha Mela

Sure, “Vampire Diaries“ has a few hot vampires and the odd sexy werewolf or two, but it‘s the soap of sci-fi or fantasy shows. Truth is, the show is more…

5 Shows Like Misfits That Anglophiles Will Adore
Friday, February 10 by Frost

The British know how to make great television, as illustrated in these five shows like “Misfits” that Anglophiles will adore. Free your xenophobic television from reruns of American shows by…

Bill Murray Shoves A Packers Fan Because He Is Bill Murray
Friday, January 28 by

Also, Murray busted the ghost of Packers legend Ray Nitschke by calling him “a p*ssy.”

a c slater
Man Arrested For Hate Crime Against A. C. Slater
Thursday, January 13 by

“It’s alright, ’cause I’m Saved By The Bell…” But for one Illinois man, it’s not alright, and he ended his day in the slammer.

Tuesday, May 12 by

Forty-seven years ago today, Emilio Estevez was brought into this world, and its destiny was changed for the better.  In your honor, Screenjunkies is digitally hanging this lovely Young Guns painting on our walls forever, or until the future predicted in Freejack becomes a reality and we can replace it with a hologram of Mick Jagger (image courtesy of artist and calligrapher Terri Alsobrook).Here are some free links, jack: Keyboard Cat Plays Himself Off (SickPigs)Every Man's Fantasy Comes True (Manofest)The Best TV Drunks Ever (Pajiba)Christina Stefanidi Is Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)Amazing Attempt At Human Flying (IAmBored)6 Movies Based On True Strories That Are Bullshit (Cracked)Christopher Lloyd Is A Piranha Expert (DreadCentral)Flowchart For Lying To Your Girlfriend (HolyTaco)Remember When Baseball Wasn't Messed Up? (BustedCoverage)Jeska Vardinski Is An Angel (Uncoached)American Gladiators MOVIE!!! (Unreality)New Doctor Parnassus Photo (ThePlaylist)

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