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Denver Film Enthusiasts Re-enact ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ With Friends’ Corpse
Friday, September 16 by

It’s unclear who got to be Andrew McCarthy.

‘Weekend At Bernie’s 2′ Finally Catches On, Starts New Dance Craze
Monday, October 18 by

Footloose. Dirty Dancing. Saturday Night Fever. Weekend At Bernie's 2. It only took 17 years, 3 months, and 9 days, but now the dancing corpse has officially inspired a dance craze. Southern rap group I.S.A. have created the hit song thing with music behind it "Moving Like Berney." As you'll see in the video below the jump, the dance is easy enough to do. In fact, it's a modified limbo where you wiggle your head while shuffling about aimlessly. Much like the corpse of Bernie Lomax did in the presence of music thanks to a botched voodoo ritual in the poorly-received but now bonafide hit sequel. I'm so glad this exists. Just in time for my best friend's wedding!
Shake your dead groove thang after the jump…

‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Remake Perfect Metaphor For All Remakes
Tuesday, January 26 by

Gladden Entertainment is looking to milk the cash-corpse that is Weekend at Bernie's. In addition to their announced Mannequin remake, the company is also looking to dig up and drag the famous cadaver around the Hamptons for another go-round. Between that and Short Circuit and Gremlins, the 80's are back and nothing is sacred. Fingers crossed we don't see Dax Shepard in a Raising Arizona remake anytime soon. The new Weekend at Bernie's is said to be a remake of the original with no cast or crew yet in place, and it may seem like an unnecessary do-over at first. However, I can totally see where they're coming from. The original Weekend At Bernie's left us with a lot of unanswered questions and now that film technology has finally caught up to the premise, perhaps we'll finally see an accurate depiction of a dead guy getting hit in the nuts by a buoy while waterskiing. (Moviehole)

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