5 Best World War Movies
Monday, January 24 by Houlihan Macaco

The best world war movies deliver much more than senseless killing. Great dialogues, characters and plots all contribute to a great war movie. Below are the 5 best world war…

5 Best Old War Movies
Monday, January 24 by Mason Kaho

The 5 best old war movies include classic films with classic actor and shaped the views of war—sometimes romanticizing it while at others speaking against it—for several generations. Old war…

5 Common War Movie Themes
Sunday, January 23 by Mason Kaho

These 5 common war movie themes include a range of sentiments from heroism to brutality. Few things stir philosophers, poets, artists and average people like war, which is considered both…

10 Good Sad Movies Of The 90’s
Saturday, January 22 by Megan Bushree

For some reason, audiences love one of these 10 good sad movies of the 90's. Perhaps it is catharsis that causes us to watch a film that purges our emotions…

10 Greatest War Movies
Saturday, January 22 by Stephen Pomposello

The ten greatest war movies ever made portray some of society's deadliest battles – from World War II the American Revolutionary War, the Iraq War, to even the Civil War….

5 Best Civil War Movies
Thursday, January 20 by Alan Rankin

America’s ongoing fascination with its Civil War is reflected in the 5 best Civil War movies. In 1861, southern states of the U.S. seceded from the nation over a wide…

5 Best American Civil War Movies
Wednesday, January 19 by Nicki Porter

The 5 best American Civil War movies capture the essence of our country's bloodiest war The American Civil War is a filmmaker's gold mine. Bloody battles, families torn apart, gruesome…

5 Best German War Movies
Wednesday, January 19 by Sheryl Berger

The 5 best German war movies are just a few from the many films that depict the German experience while at war. Most of the German war movies take place…

Top Ten War Movies Of The 90’s
Wednesday, January 19 by Tony Dayton

When discussion revolves around the top 10 war movies of the '90s, the list is pretty vague. Most war movies were made in the 1980's ("Platoon," "Full Metal Jacket," "Wolverines")…

10 Old War Movies
Thursday, January 6 by Travis Petersen

The films on this list of 10 old war movies are classics of the genre, and helped set the stage for more modern war films. From romance and adventure to…

5 Best World War 1 Movies
Saturday, December 25 by Stephen Pomposello

If you're looking to for the 5 best World War I movies, perhaps these selections may come to suit your fancy. Long before the hellish journey that was World War…

10 German Nazi Movies
Tuesday, December 7 by Daniel Khalil

You don't have to be a war film buff to love these 10 German Nazi movies. Of all the violent flicks out there, German Nazi movies remind us of the…

10 Best World War 2 Movies
Thursday, November 18 by Bobby Ivie

The ten best World War 2 movies include quite a list of big stars, as well as action, insight, and education. From prisoner camp escapes to submarines, there are enough…

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