4 Quotes From Platoon That Prove War Is Hell
Thursday, December 8 by Jason Cuthbert
Vietnam Films
Tuesday, March 29 by Travis Petersen

Vietnam films have replaced World War II films in the American consciousness in many peoples' eyes. As views on war change, often because of the Vietnam conflict, Vietnam films have…

10 Best Vietnamese Drama Movies
Sunday, March 6 by Audrey Johnson

The ten best Vietnamese drama movies demonstrate the strength, creativity and sometimes sheer luck that are required to build a happy, stable life. Whether they trace the effects of the…

10 Best Vietnamese Movies
Saturday, February 26 by Lauren Reinhard

If you are interested in looking at some films made outside the confines of Hollywood, check out the 10 best Vietnamese movies. There are comedies, dramas, love stories and mysteries,…

Top 10 Vietnam War Movies
Friday, February 25 by Shawn Lealos

The top 10 Vietnam War movies tell stories about the horrors of war and the difficulties soldiers face when trying to reintegrate themselves back into society. These movies are award…

10 Best Movies Based On Vietnam War
Friday, February 25 by Lori Boyd

These 10 best movies based on Vietnam War all have a different take on the Vietnam War. The best moves based on the Vietnam War show the human side of…

10 Best Vietnam Military Movies
Friday, February 25 by Katherine Johnson

These movies are 10 of the best Vietnam military movies ever made. Each film is set in a different year and region of the war, but each movie is a…

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