New ‘Let Me In’ Trailer Sucks (In a Good, Vampire Sort of Way)
Monday, September 13 by

I know a lot of uppity Internet types have been taking to their Geocities fan pages to voice concerns about the upcoming film, Let Me In. Many fear that the…

‘Vampires Suck’ Actress Arielle Kebbel
Tuesday, August 24 by

Arielle Kebbel has been the go to pretty young blonde thing for D-List movies, from Soul Plane to this month's Vampires Suck. We don't hold that against her though because as you can tell from the above pic she is definitely hot, even if her movies sometimes suck. Vampires.
A word from Arielle: "I'm struggling to let go of you… This might be the hardest thing I'll ever have to do."
So many ladies have felt what you are feeling right now. All I can say is, time heals all wounds.
More pics of Arielle after the jump…

‘Vampires Suck’ Trailer Gets ‘Twilight’s’ Goat
Wednesday, July 7 by

The inevitable Twlight Saga spoof has been unleashed, and its name is Vampires Suck. All things considered, the trailer has some decent jokes and the standard girls taking off their clothes to reveal bikinis bit. No sign of Carmen Electra yet, but I'm pretty sure she's contractually obligated to appear in any and all movie parodies. Vampires Suck only skewers the first two Twlights, so you better believe there'll be a sequel. Fox would be stupid not to capitalize on Summit's success capitalizing on Stephenie Meyer's capitalizing on abstinence. Vampires Suck hits theaters August 18, 2010. Check out the trailer after the jump…

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