These “Vampire Diaries” episodes have been leaving fans wanting more. This show was adapted from the book series written by L.J. Smith in 1991, but the characters are more in-depth and actually have personalities. Beware when reading this article because there are many spoilers below.

  1. “Fool Me Once” Elena and Bonnie end up getting kidnapped by vampires but are rescued by Stefan. Bonnie and Grams temporary remove the curse on the tomb. The ultimate shocker of the season: Katherine was never in there! At the end of the episode Grams dies as a result of using all her strength to open the tomb.

  2. Memory LaneThe “Vampire Diaries” episode every viewer has been waiting for: Elena finally meets Katherine. This causes trouble for her and Stefan when Katherine reveals her ultimatum: They must break up or she will kill everyone. Damon is on a wolf hunt to prove that Mason is a werewolf. Elena and Stefan devise a plan to falsely break up.

  3. “Brave New World” Kicking off the second season in this “Vampire Diaries” episode, Caroline has been killed while recovering in the hospital as a revenge plan by Katherine. Tyler’s Uncle Mason is looking for a moonstone. Caroline remembers everything Damon did to her, which causes him to plan to kill her. Stefan offers a better way of living: animal blood. Bonnie wants nothing to do with Caroline and tries to burn Damon.

  4. MissMysticFalls" Elena and Caroline are competing against each other to be crowned Miss Mystic falls at the Founder’s Day event. Stefan leaves Elena without an escort, allowing Damon to take his place and reveal that Stefan is drinking human blood again. In this “Vampire Diaries” episode, Damon shows his feelings for Elena during their traditional dance.

  5. “The Descent” This is the biggest tearjerker “Vampire Diaries” episode. Elena is left as her caregiver, while Damon is out to find a cure. Things turn ugly when Rose slips in and out of animalistic rage. When there is no cure to be found, Damon projects Rose’s favorite memories into her mind as she sleeps in his arms, only to tearfully stake her. Jules reveals to Tyler that his Uncle hasn’t been missing—he’s dead.

  6. “Isobel” Mommy’s back! Elena’s real mother is in town and wants the device that John failed to retrieve. The group comes up with a plan to trick Isobel after Jeremy is kidnapped. Still holding a grudge over her Grams, Bonnie falsely removes the curse off the device before it’s handed over. Aside from her mother showing up, it’s revealed towards the end that Uncle John is really Elena’s father.

  7. “Bloodlines” Elena and Damon end up on a road trip to a small town outside of Mystic Falls. It is later revealed that Stefan rescued Elena from the fateful car accident that claimed her parents and that she is adopted. Damon can’t catch a break and gets singled out by Alaric as his wife’s murderer.

  8. “The Dinner Party” Damon’s new girlfriend suggests a dinner party for the group. Stefan and Elena are at the lake house and discover more Gilbert journals. They soon learn that if a vampire kills an original with the cursed dagger, they will die as well. Alaric takes matters into his own hands and kills Elijah. What they don’t know if that he won’t stay dead.

  9. “Lost Girls” Damon is finally free from his vervain prison and claims his first victim: Vicki. Meanwhile, Stefan flashbacks, revealing to Elena in the “Vampire Diaries” episode that both he and his brother are vampires! Unfortunately for everyone Damon compulsively turns Vicki.

  10. “Pilot” The first “Vampire Diaries” episode in which Elena Gilbert has just come home after he parents had died during the beginning of the year. Upon starting school a new guy shows up named Stefan Salvatore. Elena’s resemblance to an old flame sparks his attention. To add chaos to the quiet town, Stefan’s brother Damon shows up.