Are you looking for "Unsolved Mysteries" episodes? Started in 1987, "Unsolved Mysteries" was a show that looked at cases that were either legendary or unsolved, and cases that might have been myths. Originally hosted by the late actor Robert Stack, "Unsolved Mysteries" has become the longest running show in history and is still being shown on the Lifetime Network with new host Dennis Farina. The show has profiled everything from unsolved murders, ghosts, UFOs, legends and lost loves, with 47 percent of these cases being solved thanks to viewers.

Many of the episodes profiled some of the most unusual cases in American history.

  1. "Oct 12, 1988" The famous case of DB Cooper—the man who hijacked an airplane and then jumped out with his extortion money—was profiled. The episode included those who had been involved in the 1971 case and the recollections of the man who claimed to have been Cooper.

  2. "Nov 9 & 12, 1988" In a two-part episode, the actions of David Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam, may have been a part of a conspiracy or that of a satanic murder cult. The episode goes over the crime, the aftermath and how the conspiracy ties into everything.

  3. "Oct 26, 1988" Along with these unsolved cases, "Unsolved Mysteries" covered many aspects of the paranormal. In one episode, the Queen Mary was profiled; the Queen Mary, a former World War II ship that once carried Winston Churchill, is currently docked and run as a hotel in California. The ship itself is known as one of the most haunted destinations in America with several different ghosts roaming the ship.

Looking for "Unsolved Mysteries" episodes is quite easy when you know which sites to look for. Fans of the show should be happy to know that the show is currently on DVD and can be purchased online or in retail stores.