“Ugly Betty” spoilers reveal that the show is far from a standard comedy. Read on and you’ll find Mexican revenge plots, love triangles, corporate intrigue and violent crimes of passion. Needless to say, spoilers ahead.

Betty, Henry and Giovanni is a strange and unexpected love triangle that develops in the second season of “Ugly Betty.” Henry is a recurring character throughout the first season, a serious love interest for Betty’s that we know and more or less have come to like. Throwing Giovanni, a deli employee, lies somewhere between inspired and totally bizarre, but suits the show’s affable zaniness well.

Claire Meade’s saga is another aspect of the hit show that walks the line between good idea and convoluted insanity. Let’s just lay the whole thing out and spoil it for you. There’s Claire and Bradford. Bradford cheats on Claire with Fey. Fey dies. Brad and Claire breakup. Claire goes to rehab. Claire is accused of murdering Fey and goes to jail. Turns out Claire did kill Fey.

The second half of Claire’s saga begins in prison. She learns that her husband is now sleeping with a woman named Wilhelmina. Claire gets out of prison, has an affair with a billionaire named Calvin Hartley (this is after Bradford dies, of course) and reconnects with Tyler, her estranged son. Tyler holds Claire at gunpoint and somehow Wilhelmina ends up getting shot. Oh yes. This all happens and is really nothing more than a subplot. Marvel at the madness of “Ugly Betty.”

Mexican revenge throws a major monkey wrench into the trajectory of “Ugly Betty” and it all comes out through flashbacks. Betty, her sister Hilda and their father Ignacio move back to Mexico after struggling with life in the United States. Turns out it's not a good move for Ignacio though because 30 years prior he killed a bank teller and a revenge plot is hatched to destroy him! Gotta love that.

London bound is the enigma with which the series ends. Major spoilers here! Betty ends up getting a job in London and moves there. Then Daniel Meade, the son of Claire and Bradford and publisher of the magazine for which Betty works, moves to London to pursue romantic relationship with Betty. But, lo, so does Henry! This being long after they’ve broken up. That’s the end of the whole shebang. What the hell?