What’s Playing This Weekend: July 1st
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Wednesday, June 29 by

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the new leading lady (see: hot chick) in the Transformers series.

The Ultimate ‘Transformers’ Quiz
Tuesday, June 28 by

Think you know a lot about ‘Transformers’? Well it’s time to put up or shut up.

Links Away: The Michael Bay Formula
Monday, June 27 by

Say what you will about Michael Bay, he certainly has a distinctive style.

Michael Bay's Letter to Projectionists Translated
Michael Bay’s Letter To ‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’ Projectionists Translated
Monday, June 27 by

While the letter’s tone may seem polite and deferential to the untrained eye, those in the know are able to read between the lines.

Exclusive Future Review: ‘Transformers 7: The Bright Side Of Neptune’
Tuesday, June 21 by

Future El Guapo has all the details on the 7th Transformers movie.

Science Fiction Movies 2007
Saturday, April 9 by Hugo Somnus

A fan looking to enjoy any sci-fi movies they may have missed should definitely take into account the best science fiction movies of 2007. That year was a fairly slow year for…

Links Away: Transformers Do The Thriller Dance
Thursday, April 7 by

And thus an internet sensation was born.

‘Transformers’ Voice Actors
Thursday, March 31 by Chuck G.

One unique job in Hollywood is to be a voice-over actor, and a few who got a great gig are the "Transformers" voice actors for the movie released in 2007….

Links Away: The Dark Side of Transformers
Tuesday, March 1 by

Having a car that can transform into a fighting robot would be pretty great, apart for one thing.

10 Best 80’s Cartoons
Friday, January 21 by George Root

The 10 best 80's cartoons went on to become iconic parts of American pop culture. Cartoons become a part of the viewer's life, and they get carried from generation to…

‘Transformers 3′ Extra Injured During Filming
Thursday, September 2 by

We all know that millions of young minds will be permanently damaged by Michael Bay's Transformers 3. But usually, the causalities don't start rolling in until after the film hits theaters. However, it seems this installment of the Transformers trilogy has already claimed its first victim.
Authorities say the "Transformers 3" crew was filming late Wednesday in the Chicago suburb of Hammond, Ind., using several vehicles and drivers. Police say something went wrong and an object went through the windshield of a car, hitting the driver. In a statement, police said the vehicle kept going for a mile before stopping. Police did not release the driver's name. The person was airlifted to a hospital.
For the love of God, the film hasn't even reached post production, and people are already being hospitalized. Although based on the description, this might make for one hell of a 3D experience. Even so, we wish the extra a speedy recovery, and pray for an end to the senseless cycle of violence that is the Transformers franchise. (HitFix)

Alex Kurtzman to Make Directorial Debut with Spielberg-Produced ‘Welcome to People’
Friday, August 27 by

Noted screenwriter and producer Alex Kurtzman is set to make his directorial debut with Welcome to People. The film is being produced by a man who, despite his influence in the industry, is not well known outside of Hollywood: director Steven Spielberg. Kurtzman first worked for Spielberg on his production of Transformers. While he has gone on to produce various TV shows, including "Fringe" and CBS's upcoming remake of "Hawaii Five-0," the director's chair has alluded him until now.

Welcome to People tells the story of a man whose estranged father dies, leaving instructions for his son to deliver $150,000 to a sister he never knew existed. The man wants to keep the money for himself, but can't help but investigate his long-lost sibling.

When my dad passed away, he left me $150 and stipulated that I should deliver it personally to my estranged second cousin while she was working at The Box Office, a gentlemen's club in the next town over. Well, he didn't really stimpulate it so much as he implied it by not specifically saying that I shouldn't. I miss you, dad. (Collider)

Victoria’s Secret Congratulates Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with a Spank Video
Monday, May 31 by

Much to the delight of teenage boys everywhere, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was named as Megan Fox's replacement for Transformers 3. And to commemorate Rosie's new job, her former employer, Victoria's Secret, has put out this video featuring the lingerie model's greatest hits. After all, what better way to celebrate her impending objectification at the hands of Michael Bay than with an objectifying underwear ad/spank film? And based on her performance in the ad, I'm smelling Oscar! Wait, no. That's smegma. See Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's acting talent on display after the jump.

Friday, June 26 by

Welcome to the final day of BAYWATCH '09.  To recap, we've revisited Bay's Best Music Videos, Pitted Bay's Explosions against one another in the Bracket of Boom, ogled his "Baybes" and collected emails from his personal account.  For the last day, we're getting inside the man's head.  Strap on your safety goggles and flak jackets. By Ian Sobel

Thursday, June 25 by

Well lookee what we got here, boys!  Last round, the asteroid rocked the The Rock's missile and the Giant F**king Robot 'splodin' the bus beat out the combustible mansion. Even Michael Bay, with his infinite wisdom and soothsaying powers, told us in a conversation that didn’t really happen that he was literally BLOWN AWAY by the results. Now we're down to the Big Boom and the tension is so palpable you could masticate it like a big ol' bag of Big League Chew.  THE FINAL MATCHUP

Wednesday, June 24 by

EXCLUSIVE REVENGE OF THE FALLEN INTERVIEW WITH STARVING ACTOR – Watch more Funny Videos Who needs to get an exclusive interview with Megan Fox or Shia LaBeouf or Optimus Prime when you can talk to the actor playing the guy who gives the pilot of Josh Duhamel and Tyrese's helicopter permission to land?  Yeah, that's right.  Screen Junkies has the exclusive – and we mean ONLY – interview with Transformers Revenge of the Fallen's Derek Alvarado. Suck on it, Ain't It Cool!!!

Wednesday, June 17 by

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Michael Bay really pissed off some devoted fans in Seoul.  They were waiting in the rain for over two hours for Bay's arrival at the Transformers 2 premiere, and he showed up late with Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox in tow.  Rumor has it he didn't even bring a corsage, kept reminiscing about his ex girlfriend, and seemed completely ignorant to the fact that fans had been looking forward to the event for weeks.  After the premiere, fans spent the rest of the night sobbing into their pillows and wishing the whole night had never happened.  Bay tried to save some face by issuing a formal apology, but that's not going to stop the kids in the cafeterias and cubicles from snickering at the Transformer's fans' misfortune.    

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Variety reports that Steven Spielberg is set to produce a biopic about the life of inspiring civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.. The King Estate has granted Dreamworks unprecedented access to the intellectual property of Dr. King including his famous, "I Have A Dream" speech. It goes without saying that this is an important film and I sincerely hope that it is done intelligently and respectfully. In other words, don't let George Lucas near it.Check out more morning headlines. Michael Mann talks up his new talkie, Public Enemies. (The Playlist) Thor casts relative unknowns. (Superhero Hype)Transformers 2 pics roll out. (/Film) LOST characters come clean. (Cracked)Mystery Team finds a distributor. (CHUD) Don Pardo bids farewell. (TV Squad)

Friday, May 15 by

Renowned boner-causer Monica Bellucci has just joined the cast of Sorcerer's Apprentice. Variety reports that she will play the part of Nicolas Cage's long-lost love in the film. Upon hearing this news, Cage let out an involuntary "SCHWIIIINNNGGGG!!!", before shuffling out of the room using his script to hide the bulge in his khakis.Here are some more eye-popping morning headlines.Stan Bush re-records 'The Touch' for Transformers 2 soundtrack. Outcome is hilarious. (/Film) John Ratzenberger drives the ladies INSANE. (Cinema Blend) Johnny Depp might play Sinatra. Somewhere Joe Piscopo weeps. (Cinematical) America, meet The Fatchelor. (TV Squad) SNL's Casey Wilson hits the boards. (Funny Or Die)

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