Battle Decepticons with the Transformers 2 Cast
Monday, September 19 by Amanda Ferguson

The "Transformers 2" cast consisted of all of the usual suspects that appeared in the first "Transformers" movie. In "Transformers 2" the awkward Sam Witwicky finds himself attempting to have…

Monday, June 29 by

Television's ultimate pitchman has passed away. Billy Mays, the charismatic and clamorous infomercial host died in his sleep after sustaining a head injury during a rough plane landing this past weekend. The very likeable Mays is currently co-starring with Anthony Sullivan on the Discovery Channel show Pitchmen. This really is such a shame. It's always sad to see someone cut down while their star is on the rise. His contributions to the tapestry of television will be sorely missed. (Variety)And on a side note, can we please put a stop to all of these recent high profile deaths? Keyboard Cat's paws are gonna fall off at this rate.Here are some other morning headlines… GI Joe's newest character poster: Scarlett. (Film School Rejects)Warner Bros announces their Comic Con line-up. (/Film)Picard and Sisco look-a-likes to open Star Trek restaurant. (io9)80's Movie Montages That Make No Damn Sense. (Cracked)Michael Bay to Megan Fox: I made you. (The Playlist)

Monday, June 15 by

Noted hard-partier Andrew WK is hosting the new, explosion-filled Destroy Build Destroy on Cartoon Network. On the show, WK gives kids bazookas and encourages them to blow up large vehicles in order to build new, kick-ass machines out of the wreckage. It looks like a great update on Mr. Wizard. Without the bad touch. Here are some more explosive morning headlines…   Megan Fox looks forward to acting someday. (The Playlist) Lindsay Lohan is pregnant. (Cinema Blend) Paul Shaffer was nearly George Costanza. (TV Squad) Limpet remake finds a captain. (THR) Joseph Gordon-Levitt infers that Stephen Sommers is developmentally disabled. (MTV) 7 Terrible Scripts That Became Great Movies. (Cracked)

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