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Good news for people who like Amanda Seyfried naked. E! is reporting that the starlet will have nude scenes in the upcoming biopic, Lovelace. Considering the film is about porn actress and star of Deep Throat Linda Lovelace, that really isn’t a big surprise. However, it is awesome.

“It’s going to be very risqué,” Patrick Muldoon, a producer at the film’s production company Eclectic Pictures, told the site.

He added that “Thematically, it’s talking about how abusive the porn industry was to Linda Lovelace. Yes, there’s a lot of nudity, but it’s a message movie about respecting women.”

Yeah, it’s all about respect. Now make with the boobies, chop chop.

The supporting cast seems to be something of a sausagefest, featuring Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, Wes Bentley, Hank Azaria, Bobby Cannavale, Chris Noth, Robert Patrick, James Franco, Eric Roberts, Adam Brody and Demi Moore. I bet a bunch of dudes will go topless, too, if that’s your thing. (E! via Coming Soon)

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In Honor Of Scarlett Johansson: 5 Nude Cell Phone Pics That Need To Be Hacked Wed, 14 Sep 2011 17:55:00 +0000 Wookie Johnson They can't hide forever.

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September 14th, 2011 will go down in history as a memorable day. An important day. A historic day! Today is the day that Scarlett Johansson’s nude cell phone pics leaked to the Internet. Take note of where you were when you first saw them. Your grandchildren are going to be curious.

This day is important for several reasons. Scarlett’s cans have been a long sought-after treasure, constantly hidden just beyond view. And now, that chest has opened and we’re all richer men as a result. However, we can’t stop here. There are more mountains to climb, so to speak. Here are five more actresses that have teased us by not fully-offering their offerings. Here’s hope that their day will come.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has positioned herself as a global superstar by positioning her cleavage directly at the camera on many, many occasions. She’s practically daring hackers to figure out their way into her phone. And they’d better come back with something better than no make-up pics!

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher won her way into our hearts when she beat the piss out of Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. However, we were all disheartened to learn that she used a body double for “her” famous topless scene. That’s cheating, Missy.

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Leslie Mann Isn’t Really Topless In ‘The Change-Up’ Fri, 05 Aug 2011 19:00:59 +0000 Col. Longshanks She's going to confuse a lot of grown men.

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6 photosLeslie Mann

There’s already been talk of The Change-Up star Olivia Wilde getting CGI nipples in an upcoming comedy, but it’s Leslie Mann‘s nude scenes that’ll have guys both enticed and perplexed.

For the real deal, check out 10 Classic Topless Scenes

The adorable and talented actress has been a prominent female lead lately thanks to a helping hand from director/producer/writer husband Judd Apatow. Mann’s never been afraid to show a little skin, but even in The Cable Guy when she was at unknown, she didn’t give away the farm (the farm being her bare breasts). Perhaps that’s why it’s so surprising to see her topless in The Change-Up. Or are we being duped? Turns out the latter might be the case.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Mann all but admitted that her topless scenes in the film might be a bit embellished. When asked what it was like to shoot those scenes, the actress replied:

“To grow bigger boobs? I know, it was really hard, but some people can do that, and I can. It’s a strange talent I have.”

She then jokingly confirmed the use of a body-double, saying, “Yeah, I can do things like that.” And when asked if her husband had seen the film, Mann replied, “Yeah. He liked them.”

So there you have it, Leslie Mann sports prosthetic larger-than-average breasts in The Change-Up and Judd Apatow doesn’t mind them. Whether she got to take them home with her for later use is still a mystery, and a case for TMZ.

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9 Famous Nude Scenes That Used Body Doubles Tue, 02 Aug 2011 21:08:54 +0000 Screen Junkies Think you've seen Mila Kunis naked? Think again.

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The use of body doubles during nude scenes is so wide spread that you’re probably under a lot of mistaken impressions. You think you’ve seen Mila Kunis’ ass? You think you’ve glimpsed Isla Fisher’s ta-ta’s? You think you’ve marveled at Willem Defoe’s junk? Well I hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong. You were looking at body doubles. Don’t believe me? Read on for yourself, and prepare to be disappointed.

(In honor of Scarlett Johansson, check out 5 Nude Cell Phone Pics That Need To Be Hacked.)

Natalie Portman – Your Highness

Much hoopla was made over Natalie Portman’s revealing thong scene in Your Highness. As it turns out, it was much ado about nothing, and Portman was in fact using a body double. It was also alleged that Portman used a body double for most of the dance scenes in Black Swan. But as long as that was really her making out with Mila Kunis, I don’t really give a damn. Speaking of Mila Kunis…

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29 Greatest Thong Scenes In Cinema History Wed, 06 Apr 2011 23:42:24 +0000 Jame Gumb As a result of compiling this list, I've been desensitized to the point where my penis didn't even budge while watching the three-way scene from Wild Things. I hope you're happy.

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We’ve covered topless scenes, bikini scenes, and even pigtails, so the next logical step in our devolution toward becoming a softcore porn site is the 29 greatest thong scenes in cinema history. Inspired by Natalie Portman‘s upcoming thong scene in Your Highness, we spent hours combing the Internet in order to bring you the best of the best in thong-related cinema. This was no easy task, and came at great personal expense. As a result of compiling this list, I’ve been desensitized to the point where my penis didn’t even budge while watching the three-way scene from Wild Things. I hope you’re happy. Enjoy the thongs.

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Note: We included one-piece bathing suits that floss in the back. If you don’t like it, write your friggen congressman.

Melanie Griffith – Fear City (1984)

There was a time where Melanie Griffith in a thong was something people would pay to see. That time was 1984, and it was every bit as chilling as Owell’s dystopian tale.

Click here for the full video (NSFW).

Linda Kozlowski – Crocodile Dundee (1986)

Remember when Australian crap was all the rage? If not, you were probably born after 1990. There’s no shame in that, but you did miss out on same great thong scenes. But you also missed out on hyper-color shirts, so I guess you take the good with the bad.

Goldie Hawn – Overboard (1987)

If you’ve ever wondered where Kate Hudson gets her good looks, look no further than Goldie Hawn in this scene from Overboard. I’d make a joke about those stupid glasses, but chances are, you didn’t even notice she was wearing them.

Kelly Lynch – Cocktail (1988)

Kelly Lynch looks great in this thong scene from the Tom Crusie classic, Cocktail. But I’ll always remember her as Patrick Swayze‘s girl in Roadhouse. Rest in peace, Dalton.

Eloise Broady – Weekend at Bernies (1989)

I’d never heard of Eloise Broad until I looked her name up today, but her performance in Weekend at Bernie’s has stuck with me for over 20 years. Now that’s what I call great acting. Please note that I didn’t make a joke about her ass getting a dead man aroused. Even though it was perfect for the film, I took the high road.

Nicolette Scorsese – Christmas Vacation (1989)

You don’t actually see the thong in this Chevy Chase holiday comedy, but we had to include it. Screw you if you don’t like it. It’s a god damn classic.

Loryn Locklin – Taking Care of Business (1990)

If you actually want to watch this film, you’ll have to deal with 120 minutes of Jim Beliushi. Luckily, the author of this Youtube video has edited out “the Belush,” leaving only the good parts (the “good parts” being Loryn Locklin’s ass).

Katherine Heigl – My Father the Hero (1994)

If you watched the clip above and liked it, you are a pedophile. That is all.

Jamie Lee Curtis – True Lies (1994)

I heard a rumor about Jamie Lee Curtis. Apparently, before she was selling yogurt that makes you shit, she used to be hot.

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15 Sexy Movie Characters Sporting Pigtails Wed, 30 Mar 2011 22:42:41 +0000 Jame Gumb Sifting through a bunch of porn stars in pigtails in search of hot mainstream actresses is at the low end of the annoyance scale. But it was a challenging endeavor, none the less.

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When I was told to write an article about sexy female movie characters in pigtails, I thought it was going to be a walk in the park. After all, I have Google, so how hard could it be? I was sure I’d be able to easily pull up countless examples of hot women in film wearing the Lolita-like hairstyle. Turns out I was only half right. While it was easy to find hundreds, if not thousands of pics, it was like pulling teeth to find those that weren’t “adult” in nature. I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of examples in mainstream movies, but searching for them is damn near impossible because all of the search results are overwhelmed by porn. I suppose that at the end of the day, sifting through a bunch of porn stars in pigtails in search of hot mainstream actresses is at the low end of the annoyance scale. But it was a challenging endeavor, none the less.

If you have a great example I left off, leave it in the comment section, and I’ll add it on our honorable mention list. Otherwise, enjoy 15 sexy movie characters sporting pigtails.

Jennifer Schwalbach Smith as Missy – Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Jennifer Schwalbach (now Jennifer Schwalbach Smith) isn’t really that hot by Hollywood standards. She’s not bad looking by any means, and I’m sure she wouldn’t give my ugly ass the time of day. But the fact remains that if she wasn’t banging Kevin Smith, she probably wouldn’t have been in this film. That being said, when you throw a semi-attractive woman in a black-leather bodysuit and put her in pigtails, it instantly ups her hotness level.

Marcy Rylan as Winnie – Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006)

I’m not going to lie to you and pretend I actually saw this film. In fact, before today, I had never heard of Marcy Rylan. But while sifting through a sea of barley-legal girls in pigtails, I came across this photo, and I was so happy to have found something mainstream that she instantly made the list. As an added bonus, she’s hot.

Anna Faris as Shelley Darlingson – The House Bunny (2008)

In the house bunny, Anna Faris plays a Playboy Playmate who is kicked out of the mansion and forced to live in the real world. Fortunately for her, the “real world” turns out to be a sorority house in desperate need of a makeover. Fortunately for us, she dresses like a slut and wears pigtails.

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13 Sexiest Topless TV Scenes: Showtime Edition Tue, 22 Mar 2011 22:15:27 +0000 Jame Gumb A few weeks ago, I brought you the greatest topless scenes from HBO's original programing, and today I'm doing the same for Showtime.

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A few weeks ago, I brought you the greatest topless scenes from HBO’s original programing, and today I’m doing the same for Showtime. While HBO used to have a monopoly on quality original series (topless or otherwise), Showtime has come into its own with shows like”Weeds,”"Dexter,” and “Califronication,” just to name a few. And like HBO, the network isn’t afraid to show some skin.

As with our last outing, keep in mind that I tried to spread the love around. I could have made a list entirely off of “Californication,” but instead, I went for variety. So, my apologies in advance if your favorite girl was left off (although, check our honorable mentions to be sure). That being said, deal with it. You’re still about to look at breasts, so all and all, you have nothing to complain about.

And I shouldn’t have to say this, but the video links are NSFW.

Melissa Stephens – “Californication”

Aside from playing Peggy on “Californication,” Melissa Stephens also plays Ashlynn on “Outsourced.” But something tells me her breasts aren’t utilized nearly as much on “Outsourced,” which is a shame. If they were, I might give it a shot.

Click Here For The Video

Jessica Jaymes and Kirsten Price – “Weeds

The show is already about illicit drugs, so who’s going to complain if you throw in a subplot about pornography for good measure? Not me, that’s for sure. Jessica Jaymes and Kirsten Price briefly crossed over to the mainstream with this guest spot on “Weeds,” but were then quickly returned to cages in the San Fenando Valley by their trainers.

Click Here For The Video

Courtney Ford – “Dexter

Courtney Ford’s character on “Dexter” had some real daddy issues. This was compounded by the fact that her daddy was a serial killer played by John Litgow. At any rate, like most girls who have unresolved issues with their fathers, this character loved to get naked, and for that, I was grateful. Realism is important.

Click Here For The Video

Charlotte Salt – “The Tudors”

British history can be a pretty boring subject. Not many people care about a bunch of dead kings and queens. But throw a topless Charlotte Salt into the mix, and all of the sudden, I feel like reading the god damn Magna Carta.

Click Here For The Video

Jaime Murray – “Dexter”

Jaime Murray played a psychotic bitch on “Dexter.” Luckily, the character happened to be a psychotic bitch who loved to walk around topless, which made her 1000 times more tolerable. (Spoiler Alert) Topless or not, I’m glad she’s dead.

Click Here For The Video

Natalie Dormer – “The Tudors”

As evidenced by Natalie Dormer’s flat, pancake-like breasts, the producers of “The Tudors” went for realism. Despite what I said earlier, sometimes, realism is overrated. Even so, she still looks great.

Click Here For The Video

Shanola Hampton – “Shameless

Shanola Hampton is also big fan of getting topless. I expected a show called “Shamless” to involve some nudity, but the fact that Hampton is one of three topless women form the series really says something, considering it hasn’t even finished its first season.

Click Here For The Video

Mia Kirshner and Kate French – “The ‘L’ Word”

I never liked “The ‘L’ Word.” The first time I watched it, I thought I was in for a treat. But then, the first naked breast I saw was being diagnosed with cancer. Talk about a boner killer. However, after watching this girl-on-girl scene, maybe I need to go back and give it another look.

Click Here For The Video

Marie Louise Parker – “Weeds”

Do you like breasts? Do you like “Saved by the Bell?” Then you’ll love this scene where Marie Louise Parker from “Weeds” gets railed by the Zack from “Saved by the Bell.” Do the math.

Click Here For The Video

Emmy Rossum – “Shameless”

Emmy Rossum is my new favorite actress. That’s due, in no small part, to her willingness to get topless. In fact, it’s due entirely to that fact. Please note that the picture above does not correspond to the video. It’s not that I was too lazy to fix it, it’s just that I really, really love the picture.

Click Here For The Video

Christina Ulloa – “Californication”

Christina Ulloa is only in one episode of “Californication.” But in that episode, her character (Elizabeth) gets topless. So as far as I’m concerned, she had one of the most memorable roles on the show.

Click Here For The Video

Laura Wiggins – “Shameless”

Our third and final entry from “Shameless” is Laura Wiggins. I have not actually seen her in the show, as I’m still catching up. But this shot of her topless in a bathtub completely justifies my decision to order Showtime.

Click Here For The Video

Eva Amurri – “Californication”

For those of you who don’t watch “Californication,” Hank Moody is one lucky son of a bitch. Need proof? Look no further than Jackie, his stripper/girlfriend, played by Eva Amurri. My friend recently commented that Amurri looks like her mother, Susan Sarandon. I never noticed that. In fact, I didn’t even notice she had a face.

Click Here For The Video

Honorable Mention – Check Them Out

We didn’t have room for all the girls. Click on the picture above to see who barely missed the list.

Click Here to See Honorable Mention Pics

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]]> 22 eva-amurri-topless-showtime melissa-stephens-californication JessicaJaymes-KirstenPrice_Weeds-topless courtney-ford-topless-dexter charlottle-salt-tudors-topless jaime-murray-topless-dexter dormer-tudors-1 Shanola-Hampton-Shameless mia-kirshner-lesbian-sex-kate-french mary-louise-parker-sex-scene-weeds emmy-rossum-shameless Christina-Ulloa-Californication laura-wiggins-topless-shameless eva-amurri-topless-californication honorable-mention-showtime
15 Sexiest Topless TV Scenes: HBO Edition Wed, 09 Mar 2011 23:37:22 +0000 Jame Gumb Today, anyone who isn't too poor to afford premium cable can easily watch some tig ol' bitties whenever the mood strikes. What an age we live in.

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When I was a young man, seeing a topless scene on TV was all but impossible, aside from the occasional native woman on PBS. But thankfully, things have changed. Now, anyone who isn’t too poor to afford premium cable can easily watch some tig ol’ bitties whenever the mood strikes. What an age we live in.

The following 15 scenes are all from HBO’s lineup. We tried to spread it around to include several different shows, which is why five of your favorite girls from “Entourage” or”True Blood” probably didn’t make the cut. Sorry, but that’s life. Besides, at the end of the day, you’re still looking at naked breasts.

Also, in case you didn’t guess, all the links to video are NSFW.

15. Kristin Proctor – “The Wire”

In season two of “The Wire,” Kristin Proctor has a very brief, yet very memorable role as the girlfriend of Nick Sobotka. To be honest, I don’t remember much of her dialogue. But I do remember this amazing and somewhat pointless topless scene.

Click Here For Video

14. Rebecca Creskoff -”Hung

HBO’s “Hung” doesn’t get the same amount of buzz that other shows on the network seem to get. But based entirely on this picture or Rebecca Creskoff naked, I’m going to give the show another chance.

Click Here For Video

13. Katy Mixon (Body Double) – “East Bound and Down”

Katy Mixon plays April Buchanon, the buxom brunette elementary school teacher who steals Kenny Powers’ heart. Speaking of stealing, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was shoplifting melons. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see said melons, as she uses a body double. But whoever they hired did a really, really good job.

Click Here For Video

12. Claire Van Der Boom -”The Pacific

The Pacific” isn’t exactly your go-to series for topless scenes. However, I felt the need to include it. Why? Because without the few glimpses of nudity the series provided, it might have been the most depressing show in history. Thank God for tits. Also, there were a few other topless scenes that might have been better, but this actress’ last name is “Van Der Boom,” and that goes a long way in my book.

Click Here For Video

11. Polly Walker – “Rome”

You can’t do a show about ancient Rome without showing some skin. Well, you can, but nobody wants to watch an hour-long show about Cato the Younger’s wacky senatorial adventures. That’s where Polly Walker (Atia) comes in. Her breasts have more screen time than Lepidus, and he was in The Second Triumvirate! Ugh, you don’t care, do you? Fine, just look at the titties.

Click Here For Video

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]]> 12 15 Sexiest Topless TV Scenes HBO Edition Kristin_Proctor-The_Wire_topless rebecca-creskoff-hung eastbound-and-down-katy-mixon-topless Claire-Van-Der-Boom-topless Polly-Walker-rome-topless
25 Greatest Bikini Scenes In Cinema History Wed, 02 Mar 2011 22:25:05 +0000 Jame Gumb In all fairness, these women objectified themselves, and I'm simply compiling the list.

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Why are we writing about the 25 greatest bikini scenes in cinema history? I’m glad you asked. As it happens, March is Women’s History Month, so I’ve decided to celebrate the occasion the only way I know how: by sitting around in my underwear and objectifying females. In all fairness, these women objectified themselves, and I’m simply compiling the list.

25. Tara ReidThe Big Lebowski

Tara Reid’s role as Bunny Lebowski occurred when she was still hot, well before the whole “Franken-Nipple” incident. And the fact that The Big Lebowski is such an iconic film ensured this scene would make the list. How can we turn down a character who utters the line “I’ll suck your c*ck for a thousand dollars.”

24. Angelina Jolie – Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life

As hot as Angelina Jolie is, she’s appeared in very few Bikini scenes. Luckily, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life is an exception, or else the film would have no redeeming value.

23. Bridget Fonda – Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown is an often overlooked film. But there’s no overlooking Bridget Fonda in this bikini. (You see what I did there?). The fact that she never takes off her jean shorts is more than made up for by the awesomeness of her bikini top. Unfortunately, her character gets shot to death. What a waste.

22. Jessica BielStealth

I hate to use the film Stealth in a list of “greatest” anything. This Jamie Fox turd is beyond horrible. But at the end of the day, those titties don’t lie.

21. Eliza DushkuBring It On

Eliza Dushku is really hot in Bring It On, but I feel creepy watching since it’s about high school cheerleaders. Maybe I’d feel better if I tried watching with my pants on.

20. Demi MooreCharlie’s Angels 2

Demi Moore is a testament to the power of modern medical science. Nowhere is this more apparent than in “Charlie’s Angels 2,” where the then 39-year-old actress looked better than costars that were less than twice her age. Normally I think plastic surgery is cheating, but I can’t argue with Demi’s results.

19. Virginie Ledoyen – The Beach

The Beach is an awful film, but Virginie Ledoyen almost makes up for it. Her breasts were much more entertaining than Leo’s infamous “Videogame Scene.”

18. Victoria Silvstedt – Boat Trip

Only breasts could possible portray the film Boat Trip in a positive light. Thanks to Victoria Silvstedt, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Horatio Sanz weren’t the two biggest boobs in the film.

17. Kate BosworthBlue Crush

Do you like surfers? Do you like tits? Then you’ll love Blue Crush…well, parts of it, anyway. Specifically, Kate Bosworth in a bikini. And once you’re done “enjoying” that aspect of the film, the plot itself will help lull you to sleep for a nice post-masturbatory nap.

16. Kelly BrookPiranha 3-D

Piranha 3D is a great film, provided you enjoy violence and breasts. When a group of prehistoric piranha are released into an Arizona lake popular among college students on sprin break, bikini clad vixens like Brook end up as lunch.

15. Riley Steele – Piranha 3-D

We can’t mention Kelly Brook without including Riley Steele. She’s one of the few (although ever increasing) adult-film stars who have made the leap to the mainstream. Of course, by mainstream, I mean borderline softcore porn like Piranha 3-D. But even so, great job.

14. Cameron Diaz – Charlie’s Angels 2

I hear Cameron Diaz doesn’t look that great in person. Luckily, she looks just fine in this bikini scene from Charlie’s Angels 2.

13. Nicollette Sheridan – The Sure Thing

I’ve never seen “The Sure Thing,” so I can’t really comment on it. Deal with it.

12. Jessica AlbaInto the Blue

There are better shots of Jessica Alba in a bikini, but none from an actual film. Therefore, this scene from Into the Blue will have to suffice. The film features shipwrecks, sharks, and cocaine. Too bad Alba’s ass is still the most memorable part.

11. Denise Richards – Wild Things

I’m sure the lesbianism that takes place in this scene makes the bikini seem even hotter, as well it should. Richards played a high-school girl involved with a three-way love triangle with her teacher and a fellow student. Is it any wonder she ended up married to Charlie Sheen?

10. Ali LarterVarsity Blues

I owe this high-school football drama a bit of gratitude. God bless Ali Larter for introducing the phrase “whip-cream bikini” into my vocabulary. Not that I will ever get a chance to experience one, but a boy can dream.

9. Halle Barry – Die Another Day

Halle Barry’s turn as a Bond Girl was hot, but it’s basically a carbon copy of another entry on this list. Even so, watching her come out of the water is a site to behold.

8. Jessica Simpson – Dukes of Hazzard

Remember when Jessica Simpson was hot? This will jog your memory. Simspon took the classic role of Daisy Duke and made it her own. And while the role is usually associated with short jean shorts, Jessica might be better remembered for he bikini.

7. Brooklyn DeckerGo With It

This Brooklyn Decker bikini scene from Go With It is the most recent entry on the list. But truth be told, it has to be one of the hottest. Too bad this Adam Sandler film is garbage, or a few years from now it could have ranked at the top of this list.

6. Brigitte Bardot – And God Created Woman

And God Created Woman helped bring bikinis into the mainstream. In the film, Brigitte Bardot is so hot, you probably didn’t even notice that the picture is in black and white. Oh, you did notice? That’s cool. There’s no shame in being gay.

5. Phoebe Cates – Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Phoebe Cates famous bikini scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High is also one of the funniest parts of the film. Much more so than that abortion scene toward the end.

4. Salma HayekFrom Dusk Till Dawn

Salma Hayek’s breasts are damn near perfect. But back when she was younger, they were perfect! God bless you, From Dusk Till Dawn. Vampire or not, I’d take a chance with Salma. It’s worth the risk.

3. Raquel Welch – One Million Years B.C.

Raquel Welch in a bikini is hot enough. Seeing her in a bikini made out of some sort of dead, prehistoric animal is even better.

2. Ursula Andress – Doctor No

This iconic Bond girl set the standard for bikinis in cinema. Her beach scene in Dr. No paved the way for all the Bond Girls to follow, including the aforementioned Halle Barry.

1. ??????? – ???? ??? ??? ????

She’s not the hottest woman on the list, but as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing more iconic than ######## in a ###### bikini. If you disagree, go screw a ########.

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]]> 15 brooklyn-decker-go-with-it-top bunny-lebowski-bikini tomb-raider-angelina-in-black-bikini bridget-fonda Jessica_Biel Eliza-Dushku-bikini68532 charlies-angels-2-ps02 Virginie Ledoyen Victoria_Silvstedt-boattrip kate_bosworth piranha-3d-kelly-brook-in-bikini piranha-still-kelly-brook-riley-steele-2 Cameron-Diaz-in-bikini-carrying-surf-board-in-Charlies-Angels-2 Nicollette Sheridan – The Sure Thing Jessica Alba – Into the Blue denise-richards-wild-things Ali Larter – Varsity Blues halleberry jessica-simpson-bikini-car-wash brooklyn-decker-go-with-it Brigitte-Bardot Phoebe-Cates-fast-times-at-ridgemont-high-bikini from-dusk-till-dawn raquel-welch-one-million-years-de Ursula-Andress bikini-scene-1