Ever wonder what happened to the "Top Chef" winners? Or are you a huge fan of the show, but just can't keep track of all the "Top Chef" winners? FInd out the names and bios of the winners of the popular cooking competition "Top Chef" by reading on.

  1. Harold Dieterle, Season 1. Dieterle was the first "Top Chef" winner. After his win, he opened the restaurant Perilla in Greenwich Village in New York. His restaurant received good reviews and remains open as of 2011. Although he was the first to win, Dieterle doesn't seem as proud of his achievement as other "Top Chef" winners. He doesn't mention it  in his biography.

  2. Ilan Hall, Season 2. Hall went on a world tour right after his win. He then opened a restaurant, The Gorbals, in Downtown LA, a few years after his "Top Chef" win. While the restaurant was closed  for a while due to health code violations (it lacked a water heater), it did reopen.

  3. Hung Huynh, Season 3. "Top Chef" season 3 winner Huynh went on to win the Best Fish award in the Bocuse D'Or, work as a guest Executive Chef at Solo restaurant in New York City and then moved on Buddha Bar, also in New York City.

  4. Stephanie Izard, Season 4. The first female to win "Top Chef," Izard had shut-down her own restaurant to appear on the show. She currently owns "The Girl and the Goat" restaurant in Chicago.

  5. Hosea Rosenberg, Season 5. It may surprise you to hear that "Top Chef" season 5 winner Rosenberg has a bachelor's in Engineering Physics. He has yet to open his own restaurant and has spent his time since winning traveling. He served as a guest chef at several restaurants, including Jax in Boulder, Colorado.

  6. Michael Voltaggio, Season 6. Since winning season 6, Voltaggio has served as chef de cuisine at the Dining Room in California. He was scheduled to open his own restaurant, Ink, sometime in 2011.

  7. Kevin Sbraga, Season 7. Season 7 winner Sbraga hails from New Jersey. His goal is to open a new restaurant somewhere in Philadelphia.