10 Best Thai Movie With English Subtitles
Tuesday, March 15 by Louis Yang

Thailand has always been a gold mine of great cinema, so the 10 best Thai movies with English subtitles will help western audiences appreciate them as well. Most Thai movies…

Fantastic Fest Review: ‘Ong Bak 3′
Friday, September 24 by

I knew there were going to be problems with Ong Bak 3, but I figured as long as there were some fights it couldn’t be all bad. So they turned a sequel into a trilogy. So Tony Jaa ran off into the woods. As long as he knees some people in the head I’d be happy. Unfortunately, the problems with Ong Bak 3 are palpable.
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Martial Arts Star Tony Jaa Becomes a Buddhist Monk
Tuesday, June 1 by

Martial Arts star Tony Jaa, best known for his work in the film Ong-Bak, has joined a Buddhist Monastery in Surin, Thailand. The move comes after a failed attempt at directing the first Ong-Bak sequel, and the poor box-office showing of Ong-Bak 3. The now bald actor took his vows on May 28th and will serve as a monk for an unknown amount of time.I sincerely hope that this trend makes its way to Hollywood.  After the disappointing failure of Sex and the City 2, it would be nice to see the cast forced to join a Catholic convent deep in the Italian back country, or to have Shia LaBeouf commit ritual suicide to alleviate the shame he feels for Indiana Jones 4 and Transformers 2. God be praised! (SlashFilm)

Tony Jaa Goes Through a Goth Phase in ‘Ong Bak 3′ Trailer
Sunday, April 11 by

"MINDFREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Planet Earth's leading authority on hitting people, Tony Jaa, is back in this full trailer of Ong Bak 3. It begins with Jaa having the tar beaten out of him. Literally. They actually use his vital fluids to pave We Finally Kicked Tony Jaa's Ass Avenue (if you've never been, you need to go. There's a little place there that has THE BEST hobo noodles.). Of course being beaten to death can't stop Tony Jaa, so he returns from the grave dressed like Criss Angel and gets back to doing what he does best: killing guys with the aid of elephants. And biting faces off. Despite these athletic outlets, Tony's new emo goth behavior has me concerned. I really hope he's not carving Morrissey lyrics into his arm. Check out the trailer after the jump…

‘Ong Bak 3′ Trailer: Again With the Elephants
Monday, February 1 by

Remember in Ong Bak 2 when Tony Jaa vaulted off an elephant's face in order to kick a guy extra hard (footage here)? How do you top that? With more elephants, stupid. And this time dress them up. Audiences like it when animals think they're people. The trailer for Ong Bak 3 has arrived. I'm not totally sure about the film's plot specifics (or if it has one), but I can tell you that Tony Jaa is going to kick dudes' asses in ways you never thought possible. For instance, in the trailer he uses his own groin to smack a guy in the face. Imagine how bad you would feel if a dude beat you senseless using his donger as a weapon. I didn't know that could be done. Is d*ckboxing a thing? (Film School Rejects) Watch guys get knocked off elephants after the jump…

Tuesday, August 4 by

Ong Bak 2: The Beginning Trailer – Watch more Movie TrailersOh man… Tony Jaa is back, and you know this one is gonna be better than the first Ong Bak flick 'cos there are waaay more elephants this time around and they're Jaa's energy source.  (It was said he exploded three silhouetted heads in a childhood screening of Dumbo.)  The teaser does its job not giving too much in the way of story (you can check out the synopsis after the jump) but that's moot.  I'm of the mindset that the thinner the plot, the more likely Tony Jaa can use it to slice someone's scrotum off (after setting it on fire, of course).Even if you have crippling ADD, try to stay focused til the end of the trailer, where some nefarious villain type laughs heartily as if he were hearing Zack Galifianakis say "ritard" in The Hangover for the first time.Here are today's top links to make you feel all ri-tarded inside: Sophie Turner In A Smorgasbord Of Skimpy Outfits (Gorillamask)Suggestions For The New Alien Movie (Holytaco)Twilight Author Accused Of Stealing From 15 Year Old Girl… Makes Sense (Filmdrunk)55 Photos, 110 Babes, Lots Of Double Vision (Manofest)Holy Crap… 4 In 1 Game Table Is Awesome (Walyou)There's Already A Movie Trailer For The True Story Of A First Round 2009 NFL Draft Pick (Pajiba)7 Old Songs That Would Make Eminem Blush (Cracked)Apparently It's "Point Out How Awesome Betty White Is" Day On The Internet (Sickpigs)18 Things You Didn't Know About Megan Fox (Coedmagazine)Jessica Alba Is Hot Again In Swimsuits (Celebjihad)How To Get With A Hot Bartender (Mademan)Fedor Probably Won't Get Immediate Title Shot (Cagepotato)Where Are They Now?  The Cast Of Menace II Society (Unreality)Boozing On A Budget (Asylum)Bad Boy Golfer John Daly Weighs In On Health Care Issues (Bustedcoverage)Memorable Movie Dance-Offs (Uncoached)True Confessions From Online Dating Hell (Regretfulmorning)Mad Your Car Got Towed? Pay The Bill In Pennies! (Bachelorguy)ESPN's "Mort Goes To Camp" Lacks Any Football News (Moondogsports)Man In The Box: High School Reunion (Maninthebox)Billy Mays' Resurrectifier (Linkdork)10 Endangered Species That Are Way Too Ugly To Live (Atomfilms)

Ong Bak 2
Friday, June 12 by

Director: Tony JaaCast: Tony Jaa, Sorapong Chatree, Nirut Sirichanya

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